We’re in the land, we’re in the land

We’re in the land, we’re in the land!
O Hallelujah! In the land!
Christ is the land, Christ is the land,
O praise the Lord, He is the land!
  He is the milk and honey, too;
The grain, the oil, the wine so new.
We’re in the land! We’re in the land!
  O Hallelujah! In the land!
This land includes so many things:
Wheat, barley, vines, deep-flowing springs,
Fig trees and never-failing bread—
O what a land before us spread!
  To have the produce and abound
We daily labor on the ground;
Then to the meetings we will bring
  The topmost Christ, our offering!
Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Hallelujah Christ for bringing us to the land, the all inclusive land


India, India

We are rooted in Him, the Land!

We walk in Him, the Land!

Piano Hymns