We’re in the land, we’re in the land

We’re in the land, we’re in the land!
O Hallelujah! In the land!
Christ is the land, Christ is the land,
O praise the Lord, He is the land!
  He is the milk and honey, too;
The grain, the oil, the wine so new.
We’re in the land! We’re in the land!
  O Hallelujah! In the land!
This land includes so many things:
Wheat, barley, vines, deep-flowing springs,
Fig trees and never-failing bread—
O what a land before us spread!
  To have the produce and abound
We daily labor on the ground;
Then to the meetings we will bring
  The topmost Christ, our offering!

India, India

We are rooted in Him, the Land!

We walk in Him, the Land!