Nearer each day

Nearer each day to me,
Dearer each day to me,
This Person inside me is
Becoming reality.
Saving me, loving me,
Faith and hope giving me.
You’re all the world to me Jesus, my Lord.
Even when faith is small,
When there’s no hope at all,
I hear Him say to me,
Trust in Me and you’ll see,
That I’ll supply all your needs,
If only you will believe.
All anxious doubts will cease,
While trusting in Me.
Tiffany Ng

Hong Kong, China

Even when faith is small,

When there’s no hope at all,

I hear Him say to me,

Trust in Me and you’ll see!!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, You're all the world to me!

Salem Long

Austin, Texas, United States

Nearer each day (Maori translation)

Tata ia ra ki ahau,

Rawe ia ra ki ahau,

Tenei Tangata I roto I ahau, ko

Hoko mooni.

Tiaki I ahau, e aroha ana ki ahau,

Tuí, me te tumanako hoatu I ahau.

Koe I te ao katoa ki ahau a Ihu, e toku Ariki.


New York, United States

Nearer each day (Korean translation)

날마다 가까이

날마다 가까이

내게더 사랑스럽게

내안에 계신주 내실재가 되시내.

날구원해 사랑해

믿음과 희망을 주내.

당신은 모든것 내 주예수.

믿음이 작을 때

희망이 없을 때

주 말씀하시네

날믿으면 알리라

너의 온 필요를

넘치게 공급함을

걱정이 없다내 주 믿는동안

Belinda Smit

Pretoria, Gauteng

Amen! Lord nearer and dearer each day becoming our reality! We love You!

Christopher Moore

Warwick, RI, United States

I need to be reminded always that He is saving me, loving me and faith and hope giving me. Praise You Lord for all that You are to us!



A reminder that becomes a reality---as the Lord touches us, especially on our very low moments. Even if its hopeless, even when faith is so small... He is.

Natalin Serra

Ozamiz City, Philippines

Lord, thank You for Your assurance that even when our faith is small and when there's no hope at all, we just need to trust in You. And we will see... all anxious doubts will cease while trusting in You.


Allen, TX, United States

Singing this song brings me to tears as I remember that the Lord is always here for me. All I need to do is trust in Him. Praise the Lord for His everlasting love!

Taabitha White

Dandridge, TN, United States

This is my favorite song. When I am feeling down this song always brings me back up again!