Nearer each day

Nearer each day to me,
Dearer each day to me,
This Person inside me is
Becoming reality.
Saving me, loving me,
Faith and hope giving me.
You’re all the world to me Jesus, my Lord.
Even when faith is small,
When there’s no hope at all,
I hear Him say to me,
Trust in Me and you’ll see,
That I’ll supply all your needs,
If only you will believe.
All anxious doubts will cease,
While trusting in Me.
Jesus In Me

Trusting Him you will see!

Sis. Raquel

Zamboanga City, Philippines

I love this song because its remind me that in my daily living I just need to trust in the Lord. Whatever I do I need Him as my reality. He is everything to me. He is the Faith and Hope.

Stella Sullivan

Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Praise the Lord for He is our reality! I need nothing more, Lord, but just to turn to You! Thank You for Your rich supply. Draw me nearer to You, Lord!

rExen catalan

Pagadian City, Philippines

I really love this song. It became my favorite song. I sing this all the time... we should trust the Lord... all our anxious doubts will cease. Amen.



3rd verse:

Thank You for being here

Whenever I choose to turn and draw near

Your arms are open wide

Whispering just abide

I cannot live by me

Please show me until I see

That I need nothing more

Than Jesus my Lord!

Dora Nineth Yao

Long Island, NY, United States

The Lord has brought me once again to this song. I recently went to a conference and the speaking was so high yet I feel so low, so disappointed, even faithless, so short of what the Lord is looking for. How can I possibly make it? The Lord reminds me today - "even when faith is small, when there is no hope at all... trust in Me and you'll see! that I'll supply all your needs, if only you will believe, all anxious doubts will cease, while trusting Me." What a salvation to hear this little song. Hallelujah! The Lord is not after an army of spiritual giants but He's after the ones who seek His purpose, who long to be overcomers, living a normal Christian life.

Dora Nineth Yao

Long Island, New York, United States

There are moments where I can't get into the Word. Praise the Lord for the hymns that can usher us into our spirit. To sing to the Lord can soften us to be open to His dispensing and His ministering us in His Word.

fei ming

Jakarta, Indonesia

Praise the Lord, because He always there, even though we run away from Him He's still there and become nearer and dearer to me..


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This is why He is precious and dear because He is dearer and nearer each day. This is the Lord and God I love. And this is no wonder why I think He's lovable. No wonder I love Him because He's nearer and dearer each day.


College Station, United States

Thank you Lord for being our person.