Nearer each day

Nearer each day to me,
Dearer each day to me,
This Person inside me is
Becoming reality.
Saving me, loving me,
Faith and hope giving me.
You’re all the world to me Jesus, my Lord.
Even when faith is small,
When there’s no hope at all,
I hear Him say to me,
Trust in Me and you’ll see,
That I’ll supply all your needs,
If only you will believe.
All anxious doubts will cease,
While trusting in Me.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Thank You Lord that You are becoming reality, saving me and loving me.

Sara Zaki

New Jersey, United States

Oh Lord Jesus. Trust in Him. Oh Lord become our reality. May we not stay the same. We love You Lord, how precious You are to me.

Virginia Hutchinson

Highland Park, New Jersey, United States

May He continue to be real to us each day. He is so near, always meeting our needs.


Lord, I trust in You. 👍

Jordan Lange

Boston, MA, United States

This song is dope.

Lanna A

Austin, TX, United States

Third verse:

Thank you for calling us,

Your household, family,

And dwelling place!

Reaching inside of me

You nullified all my sin.

You love me individually,

And all of us corporately.

You've sacrificed yourself

To be in me.

Nick M

Austin, Texas, United States

Thank You Lord we have such a One that we can trust and just rest in. Oh Lord teach us to just depend fully on You.

Mr Kwame Barima

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Nearer each day to me!


Valley Stream, NY, United States

I’ve really been enjoying this hymn, the second verse especially. Thank You Lord for supplying all our needs. Lord we just give our situations to You. I trust You Lord.


Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Oh Lord Jesus.. You're all the world to me. Amen