God’s eternal economy

God’s eternal economy
Is to make man the same as He is
In life and nature,
But not in the Godhead
And to make Himself one with man
And man one with Him
Thus to be enlarged and expanded in His expression
That all His divine, that all His divine
Attributes may be expressed in human virtues.
Samuel Chiu

Zmaboanga City, Philippines

This is God's Eternal Economy!!!


S.J., Philippines

Before we were saved, every year, every day, and every moment we were in a chaotic situation. But one day something else came into us, and this thing is the divine economy... Upon receiving the Lord Jesus, something wonderful, heavenly and divine came into us. Christ came into us... This "ONE" is the divine economy... When we were saved, the divine economy came into us.

(The Satanic Chaos in the Old Creation and the Divine Economy for the New Creation, pp.12-13)

Christine Tsung


Hallelujah, we're in His economy.

amy lin

Atlanta, GA, United States

I love this song so much. It touches my heart.


Quezon City, Philippines

I like this song because it always reminds me of God's undying love for me. Hallelujah that I am part of God's eternal economy.