I am baptized

I won’t say goodbye
Or even think about all that I’ve left behind.
This world is worthless in my mind;
I’ve crossed the great divide;
No looking back, there’s no way back to my old life.
To Christ I come, to Christ I go.
  I died to this world, but then He raised me, lifted to
The heavenly
And there I find His perfect peace; God and I live in
River of life, flowing freely.
Here I’ll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink from
Now to Eternity.
Raining day and night
While water rise, I’m safe inside my Christ the ark.
This world is buried ’neath the dark,
I’ve stepped into the light.
His word I see, I trace the rainbow through the sky.
To Christ I come, to Christ I go.

This such a cute song (love it).


Nairobi, Kenya

Glory be to the Most High.

Anthony Paangay

Cavite, Alima Bacoor, Philippines

Praise the Lord! We are the new man and we will never go back to the old life. We are baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ. O Lord Jesus!

Matt Krause

Palatine, IL, United States

Shout out to Peter Wang, the writer of this song!!! This is my favorite! Hallelujah!


Dasmarias, Cavite, Philippines

Amen! Hallelujah! We are in the ark! Who's Christ Himself! Now we can drink the river of life! There's no way back to our old life! As what Paul has said in Philippians "To live is Christ!"

Brother Mamay Pabillore

Ozamiz City, Missamis Occedintal, Philippines

Hallelujah that we're all baptized.

This world is worthless in our mind because in John 15:19 it says that we are not of this world. In 16:33 it says also that"IN THE WORLD YOU HAVE AFFLICTION, but TAKE COURAGE; I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD." We can overcome the world saints because we believe that Jesus is the Son of God in 1 John 5:5. And now we can say HALLELUJAH for such a great salvation. Amen.


Charleston, Sc, Usa

HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU LORD! I am not the same! Praise the Lord for His grace and tender mercies! Amen.


Miami, FL, USA

Hallelujah for the flowing river of water of life in our spirit! We will never go back to our old life!