Around Thy grave, Lord Jesus

Around Thy grave, Lord Jesus,
  In spirit here we stand,
With hearts all full of praises,
  To keep Thy blest command:
Our souls by faith rejoicing,
  To trace Thy path of love,
Down through death’s angry billows,
  Up to the throne above.
Lord Jesus! we remember
  The travail of Thy soul,
When through Thy love’s deep pity,
  The waves did o’er Thee roll;
Baptized in death’s dark waters,
  For us Thy blood was shed;
For us Thou, Lord of Glory,
  Wast numbered with the dead.
O Lord! Thou now art risen,
  Thy travail all is o’er;
For sin Thou once hast suffered,
  Thou liv’st to die no more;
Sin, death and hell are vanquished
  By Thee, the Church’s Head;
And lo! we share Thy triumphs,
  Thou first-born from the dead.
Unto Thy death baptized,
  We own with Thee we died;
With Thee, our Life, we’re risen,
  And shall be glorified.
From sin, the world, and Satan,
  We’re ransomed by Thy blood,
And here would walk as strangers,
  Alive with Thee to God.
Maurice Ward

Irving, Texas, United States

The church is not firstly a sanctifying church, but a baptizing church. Consider the case of the Lord Jesus. He was the true Shepherd. A shepherd always takes the lead. As the Shepherd-King, the Lord Jesus took the lead to walk from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized. He did not come to the Jordan to be enthroned, but to be put to death, to be buried.

Down through death’s angry billows,

Up to the throne above.

Ana Lara

Tolland, Connecticut, United States

James George Beck 1807-1884. British- born in St. Edmunds, Suffolk. A New Zealand evangelist. Went to India as an officer in 1824.

Was blessed with a praying mother like Timothy who prayed for an hour on behalf of her children in the evening and prayed with them before administering any punishment. All of her children up to the third generation were converted at an early age.

Studied under one of Napoleon’s generals. Served under the 14th Madras Infantry He drew up a code of good resolution but one he could not keep. He hoped after service to serve in Parliament.

In 1826 he was saved after hearing a gospel message his sister took him to hear. Now his passion became to follow Jesus and win souls for the Kingdom

He met and married an evangelical clergyman’s daughter.

He returned to India and began boldly witnessing for Christ among his brother officers.

In 1835 he resigned his commission to become a clergyman in the Church of England but found it was contrary to the church of God. He asked his wife what should he do? His wife replied “whatever you believe the will of God to be, do it at any cost” He gave up his “ promised” living and found others like himself known as the “Brethren”. He left the Church of England and began to live by faith.

Mr Deck began to witness in villages around. To do and reach God’s Word.

Due to Mr. Deck’s failing health in 1852 his family moved to New Zealand, where he recovered, but his wife went home to be with the Lord and was buried there. He labored for thirty years more in that area, until in 1882 he became an invalid for two years. On August 14, 1884, James George Deck passed away into the presence of the Lord.