Lord, how long

Lord, how long, dear Bridegroom,
’Til You come, Lord, how soon?
Don’t delay for that coming day, coming day.
Grant me, Lord, to be filled
With You, Lord, every day.
Dearest Lord, take me all the way.
  Come, Lord Jesus,
Please come, dear Bridegroom;
Precious One, come soon, come soon.
Lord, consume me!
Oh Lord, don’t let me stray,
Faithful to You all the way.
Lord, make home in all my heart
In my secret, deepest parts,
Hidden, Lord, and reserved for You, for You.
You would be preeminent
In all things and all events,
Possessed by Thee to this extent.
In my prayer and deepest plea
In my spirit always be
Saturated and soaked with Thee, with Thee.
This would be my life daily.
Every hour expecting Thee,
This I pray, Lord, desperately!
The universe, in it we see,
In the sweetest touch of Thee,
You’re my choice and my destiny, destiny.
Lord, whate’er the price may be,
Lord, Amen, let it be!
Oh, my Love, please come back quickly!
In Your love I am constrained.
What’s within, I can’t contain.
Lord, I can’t any more restrain, restrain.
In Your love, I’ll pour on Thee.
And the church, Your Bride to be,
This my choice voluntarily.
C. R. O. O.

Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Lord, come in my heart moment by moment, day by day...

Amy Hwa

Taipei, Taiwan

Lord, consume me!

Oh Lord, don't let me stray,

Faithful to You all the way.

Vali Balla

Tirana, Albania

Grant me, Lord, to be filled

With You, Lord, every day.

Dearest Lord, take me all the way


Zamboanga, Philippines

Come soon, I expect Your coming. Lord I love You, thank You for this love. thank You for revealing Yourself to me. Nothing else but Thee Lord! Own me replace Yourself to me. I'm Yours. Make me more faithful all the way to seek Your presence! My Precious One Come soon!

Ahorsey Pierro

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

Come Lord Jesus, pls come dear Bridegroom. Awesome and beautiful song. We can sing it all day. Salute you Sir Howard Higashi and your team.


Koronadal, Philippines

Lord Jesus thank You for calling me.. I know You did paved the way for bringing me back to You.. Lord I do not deserve this. I am a sinner, unworthy.. but Your Grace Filled Me! Thank You dear Lord Jesus!


I love You Lord Jesus with all my heart...and I desire to be with You always and forever. Please come now Lord!!!!!!

Remembered Always

United States

Dear God,

Keep me safe. Keep me close to Thee.

Let me see Your Love in each and every I meet this day.

Dear God keep me near to Thee in the midst of life's storms

The sunshine is always behind the cloudy day

Though the darkness hides my shame

I feel courage in Thy Holy name.



Lord, don't let me stray, faithful to You all the way!

Gemma Ybanez Barroga

Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte

Refreshing and always encouraging me to enjoy singing.