Tis so sweet to walk with Jesus

’Tis so sweet to walk with Jesus,
  Step by step and day by day;
Stepping in His very footprints,
  Walking with Him all the way.
  Step by step, step by step,
I would walk with Jesus,
All the day, all the way,
  Keeping step with Jesus.
’Tis so safe to walk with Jesus,
  Leaning hard upon His arm,
Following closely where He leads us,
  None can hurt and naught can harm.
Step by step I’ll walk with Jesus,
  Just a moment at a time,
Heights I have not wings to soar to,
  Step by step my feet can climb.
All the way I’ll walk with Jesus,
  Through the sunshine, through the gloom,
Though His blood-marked steps may lead me
  To the garden, to the tomb.
Here a while we walk with Jesus,
  But the time will not be long
Till the night shall change to morning,
  And the sorrow into song.
Then, with all who walked with Jesus,
  We shall walk with Him in white,
While He turns our grief to gladness,
  And our darkness into light.
Jesus, keep me closer—closer,
  Step by step, and day by day;
Stepping in Thy very footprints,
  Walking with Thee all the way.

Wisconsin, United States

Such a beautiful song. Thank you Lord Jesus.


Milwaukee, WI, United States

Step by step, day by day, we can walk IN JESUS! Praise You Lord! We can enjoy You as the good land!

Miracle Tamlak

Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria

Jesus, I love always...

Help me to keep it up every moment of my days...


Quezon City, NCR, Philippines

My sweet Jesus. This song ministered to me very much. I love You, JESUS.

Joseph Muchoki


Oh how I love Jesus!

Dori thaner

Bonita Springs, Florida

Praise Him...Praise Him...

Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Sanchez

San Salvador, El Salvador

Beautiful song. Thank God that there are brothers who have devoted their lives to write these beautiful songs and brothers who have edited this fantastic website, with the compilation of these songs, their music, the chords are arranged as here, thank you. This is a blessing to my church in El Salvador, Central America. We are 150 brothers who sing the hymns that you put on this page, is not labor in vain, is a great blessing.

Jonab Gama

Vitoria Da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil

"Lord, we pray to You. May we step in Your very footprints, walking with You all the way step by step.


Manila, Philippines

The good land today is Christ as the all-inclusive Spirit, dwelling in our spirit TO BE OUR ENJOYMENT! We need to forget about our ways, our doing, our striving, and our endeavoring. Instead we simply need to WALK IN CHRIST!

Jesus, keep me closer, closer! Make me walk with You all the way!