In eternity, in the beginning

In eternity, in the beginning, before the world began,
God’s intention, it was hidden deep in God for man.
God created all the heaven and earth for man.
God’s center was this man.
  The tree of life, if man would eat,
God’s will and plan in man, God would complete.
This vessel man is for God’s plan,
God filling him and thus, God expressing.
God has made man on the sixth day in a special way.
In God’s image and God’s likeness, man was formed from clay
With a spirit, soul and body, a three-part man
God’s vessel was this man.
  Man’s spirit needs to take the lead
On God to feed. To this, man must take heed.
Our spirit needs to take the lead
On life to feed. Then God we will receive.
Man was poisoned by the serpent, the knowledge tree he took.
In the garden, there in Eden, tree of life he forsook.
Man got fallen with rebellion and corrupted within,
A man with death and sin.
  The evil and the good you see
Is just the fruit of the same knowledge tree.
The knowledge-tree is God’s enemy
That Adam ate by the serpent’s subtlety.
Man was driven out of Eden for he was serpentine,
Now a vessel not of glory but of corruption.
Man a flesh became; he is not the same, a man of shame
A vessel dead within.
  The evil and the good you see
Is just the fruit of the same knowledge tree.
The knowledge-tree is God’s enemy
That Adam ate by the serpent’s subtlety.
For this cause, Lord, You came from heaven, and You became a slave.
The Creator, the God of glory, became a man to save.
As the Bridegroom and a Husband for Your wife, Your bride,
Your love flowed from Your side.
  Your love so great nothing can break;
Your love for her You could not, Lord, forsake.
She’s in Your heart, in Your deepest part.
Your love for her, Dear Lord, You could not part.
Lord, we love You. Lord, we need You; everyday Lord we do.
We can’t make it. Lord, we hate it when we’re not with You.
You’re so wonderful and so faithful, Oh precious One!
To You we now respond.
  Your love so great nothing can break;
We now respond to Your love and Your compassion.
You’re in my heart, in my deepest part.
My love for You, Dear Lord, I cannot part.
Alan Baier

Chula Vista, CA, Saint Helena And Dependencies

I learned this song after it was written and released to the saints in San Diego. Then I was a college brother, now, 25-26 years later serving with the dear college saints, I hope it would capture and solidify an absolute consecration in them as it did in me at that time. Today, I would still say" Lord I love You, Lord I need You, every day Lord I do. I really can't make it, and I do hate it when I'm not with You". Lord Jesus, gain a group of those who love You at any cost for Your purpose and plan.

Jonathan Samaniego

San Diego, California, United States

I learned this song while in my college years. We were blending with another locality back in the late 90's and after that I never sang it again as I could not find the lyrics. Now more that 10+ years I found through this website. Praise the Lord!!! I treasure this song as it has the line of life and death. At the end God accomplishes His goal in the line of life.


Melbourne, Australia

Wow... this song is lovely. I especially enjoyed stanza 5 with its chorus. The Lord came down to earth, not only to save man, but also to obtain His bride, the church. The Lord has such a love for His church, a love so great which nothing can break, a love which He would never forsake. The church is God's good pleasure. It was in His heart in eternity past. The church is what makes God happy.

Sis. Tsz Shan


I like this song because it really portrays the span of how the Lord purposed us in His plan, how He desires for us to express Him, yet though we fall, He still redeems us, recovers us till we are brought to His original intention! May we keep responding to Him to let Him fill us.