Shepherd, receive man

Shepherd, receive man,
Come near and eat with them,
Publicans and sinners.
Go out to carry them home
On Your shoulders, rejoicing.
Lord, carry them home.
Spirit, dear Spirit,
Where is the one lost coin?
Yes, You have the nine,
But the one You must find.
Dear Spirit, You’re sweeping
All over the earth.
Father, dear Father,
Have mercy on mankind!
He’s fallen to the pigs’ pen.
When will he return?
Dear Father, just kiss them,
Your sons coming home.
Father of mercy,
Clothe him with the best robe
And kill the fatted calf
And eat and be merry —
He was lost, but found,
Was dead, but now he lives.
Nelson Liu

San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

We praise You as the Shepherd, Spirit, and Father!

Deborah Mahoney

Round Rock, Texas, United States

This song is such a beautiful rendition of the 3 parables in Luke 15. Lord Jesus thank You for Your gifts to the Body!

Karl Kevin Manabat


Yes, Lord Jesus we love You! Thank You for finding us with Your love, O Your redeeming love that brought us to the flock, and Your recovering love that brought us back when we fell to the pigs' pen!

O brothers and sisters, may we see that the Lord Jesus sought us to lead us back to the flock for the fulfillment of His economy. May this be our goal in life, everything is just for God's economy. There is no greater love than what the Lord has given us.


Lord, I love You. Thank You for sweeping. I was lost but am found now.

Dear saints, let's pray for gaining our family!

Isaiah Tor


This hymn is so sweet as it in stark definitive terms describes the burden and operation of the Triune God in reaching us, shepherding us and embracing us. We need such a realization that the operation of the Triune God is entirely towards and within us as sinners in receiving His gospel. We must marvel at such an operation, such a shepherding that is so powerful yet so intimate, so mysterious, yet so immediate and available in our deep subjective experiences. And it follows from this hymn, echoing Luke 15, that we also must be joined with the Triune God in spirit (Eph. 4:3-6), to have this same unceasing burden (1 Cor.9:16-17) that in the Body we may function according to the Triune God (12:4-6) for the deep burden of gaining sinners through the gospel of God for the Triune God.


Mexico, Df, Mexico

Sin muchas palabras... sin darnos cuenta, sin percibirlo, en cada cosa del dia, El Señor nos esta llevando mas a casa... me esta llevando mas a casa... me ha encontrado, y me ha vestido... quiero disfrutarle mas como mi todo!!!

Jimmy Cao

Irving, TX, U.S.A.

Oh, Lord, yes we have sins. Let us repent and turn back to You!