God made man a vessel he

God made man a vessel he
With a spirit, soul, body.
God to man his content be
That through man His glory see.
Man does have God’s image true,
Noble in his status, too.
But God’s life man also needs
Divine nature to receive.
Christ in death as God expressed
Man redeemed, His blood was shedd’st.
In His resurrection He
Enters us our life to be.
Man without Christ will perceive
That all things are vanity.
Human life is meaningless
Without hope or purpose.
But when man takes Christ as life,
He’s in spirit born anew.
When he daily lives by Christ,
Vanity is turned to song.
Therefore, man can God express
That the whole world he would bless.
Living water flowing out
People’s thirst to satisfy.
When in glory Christ returns
Glorified our body be
To His glorious body conformed
With Him for eternity.