Out in the highways and byways of life

Out in the highways and byways of life,
  Many are weary and sad;
Carry the sunshine where darkness is rife,
  Making the sorrowing glad.
  Make me a blessing, make me a blessing,
Out of my life may Jesus shine;
Make me a blessing, O Savior, I pray,
  Make me a blessing to someone today.
Tell the sweet story of Christ and His love,
  Tell of His pow’r to forgive;
Others will trust Him if only you prove
  True, every moment you live.
Give as ’twas given to you in your need,
  Love as the Master loved you;
Be to the helpless a helper indeed,
  Unto your mission be true.
Muganzi Alexander

Kampala, Uganda

As a medical missionary worker I find this song very interesting and fitting exactly into my profession where by am called to be a blessing to the world and that's exactly what the song says.

Debbie K

Columbus, Ohio, United States

This song came to me this morning as I sat in prayer. This should be my DAILY request!! I couldn't remember all the words so that is how I ended up here. 😊

Cheryl Thomas

Brooklyn, NY, United States

I was just sitting here in living room and, this Hymn came up in my spirit. I started singing but could not remember all the words so I looked it up. I got emotional bc I remember my grandmother taking us to Church in Guyana. Holy Spirit is ministering to His people. I am grateful as I read comments from others we are not alone. Thank you for this opportunity. God did not forget us He is ready to show Himself mighty and strong. He is God.

Deb S

Cochrane, AB, Canada

I was praying this morning, asking God to make me a blessing to someone today. I remembered this song from my younger days growing up in pastor’s home and as a pastor’s wife. What a blessing to find lyrics lyrics and the tune. I’ll be humming it all day.

Crenie Prabakaran

Wayland, Massachusetts, United States

This morning during my prayers the Lord brought this song to mind and was blessed to find this. I have sung this song more than 30 years ago in India. I pray as per the verses the Lord will make me a blessing to someone today.


OR, United States

In my devotional time the last couple of days the words of the chorus of this song have come to my mind. We are having lots of fires and smoke in the western part of the United States right now. Though it is a little scary I know I can depend upon my Lord and I want him to make me a blessing to someone today.


Nottingham, United Kingdom

God's life in me, if it flows out is a blessing to others!


How sweet to tell the story of Christ and his love of forgiveness. Wonderfully and beautifully composed



I was touched by the phrase, love as the Master loved you. Since I was loved by the Lord when I was still a vile sinner why would not I love others with the same love. That I would be a helper to the helpless and make the sorrowing glad.

May our life be a blessing to others. Amen



This morning during prayer, I was reminded of this song. I googled “make me a blessing”, and was ecstatic to find this. I’ve been replaying it. Its lyrics seem like an antidote to selfishness. Selflessness promotes and allows God's will to be fulfilled in one’s life.