Hallelujah! Christ is Victor

Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  Tell with every breath,
That the Savior still is conqu’ror
  Over sin and death.
  Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  Tell where’er you go,
That the Lord is still the conqu’ror,
    Over every foe.
Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  Pain and sickness flee,
When we plead the mighty victory
  Won on Calvary.
Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  Therefore do and dare;
Go wherever Jesus sends you
  In prevailing prayer.
Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  No defeat nor fear
Evermore must dim thy vision!
  Christ the way will clear.
Hallelujah! Christ is Victor,
  Soon His voice shall ring,
“Come ye conquerors, come up hither,
  Join thy conquering King.”
Robert Maniaci

North Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Christ is victorious.


McKinney, TX, United States

Come ye!


Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hallelujah! Christ is Victor!

Maggie Wells

Jacksonville, Floruda, United States

Amen! His victory becomes our victory!! Praise Him! He is the Victor!!!!


Tbilisi, Georgia

Lord Jesus thank You for Your calling,

in Love we respond back and Join with You, conquering King !

we praise You for Your victory!

we praise You for Your sovereignty !

we praise You for Your righteousness! we praise You for Your wisdom!

we praise You for Your faithfulness!

we are one with You,

We stand one with You!

we are sitting on the throne one with You!

we praise You as the Lord of Heaven and of earth!

Praise You Lord of Lord and King of kings!

Praise You our morning Star !

Coming Lord !

You have all the authority

You destroyed the enemy and all the rulers in heaven and defeat them !

You judged them! Nullified them, You made a display of them openly, triumphing over them !!

Man overcame Satan hallelujah!

Hallelujah we apply Your victory!! Hallelujah we hear Your voice, we love You Lord Jesus !!

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, Come Ye Conquerors, Come UP Hither,

Join the Conquering King!!"

Hallelujah, Christ is Victor!!

Soon His voice shall RIng...... Praaaiiiissseee The Lord!!!

Deborah Hight Hixson

Waco, TX, United States

Appreciate Steve Miller's commentary below. Love the stories of those who have gone before us. Praying all will come to know the savior in this lifetime. Blessings, Lord Jesus, Come Quickly now.


Praise the Lord!! He is victorious Hallelujah!! Praise Him!! Thank You Lord!!!

Jeremiah Fichter

Columbus, OH, United States

Hallelujah! Christ is Victor, Tell where’er you go!!

Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

The tune for this hymn is "Hold the Fort".

At a YMCA conference in 1870, Major Daniel Whittle, a former officer in the Civil War, preached a stirring sermon from Revelation 2:25;3:11. "Only hold on to what you have until I come."

Major Whittle then used an illustration from his war experience to close the message -

A small force of Northern soldiers in charge of guarding a great quantity of supplies at the Allatoona Pass was besieged and hard pressed by greatly superior Confederate forces. Finally General French, the Confederate leader, commanded the Federal troops to surrender. At that moment on a hill some distance away the Northern leader, General Sherman, flashed a signal to his troops -

"Hold the fort, I am coming. Sherman."

In the audience that night when Major Whittle told this story was Philip P. Bliss, a well-known writer of early gospel music.

The account so captivated Bliss that he could not sleep that evening until he had completed both the text and the music for a new song, "Hold the Fort." At the next day's YMCA service, Bliss introduced his rousing new gospel hymn to the delegates. The response was immediate and enthusiastic.

"Hold the Fort" later became a great favorite in the Moody-Sankey campaigns in the U.S. and in Great Britain. During a Moody-Sankey campaign in the British Isles in 1874, Lord Shaftesbury, an esteemed Christian statesman, announced to the audience at the closing service, "If Mr. Sankey has done no more than teach our people to sing 'Hold the Fort', he has conferred inestimable blessing on the British Empire, and it would have been worth all the expense of these meetings."

Before his tragic death at the early age of 38, Philip Bliss contributed other fine gospel hymns that are still much enjoyed. Even though Bliss never considered "Hold the Fort" to be one of his better songs, his monument at Rome, Pennsylvania, bears this inscription -

"P. P. Bliss, author of 'Hold the Fort.'" - '52 Hymn Stories Dramatized' by Kenneth W. Osbeck

According to our experience, there are a few benefits to calling or crying loudly. First, when a person is depressed, shouting and calling loudly can help him come out of his depression. Formerly, my only way out of feeling depressed and unable to pray in a meeting was to call a hymn. Often I sang loudly, "Hallelujah! Christ is Victor, / Tell with every breath" (Hymns, #890), and eight out often times the depression I felt within was removed through singing. Now I have found the secret: if I feel depressed in any kind of meeting, I can say loudly with my spirit, "O Lord, Amen, Hallelujah!" In this way death vanishes, and Satan flees away.

Christ as the seed of the woman has dealt with Satan, sin, death, and the old man. The first stanza and chorus of Hymns, #890 express the fact that Christ is the Victor over Satan, sin, and death:


Sin and death are the product of Satan. Sin came from Satan and issues in death (Rom. 5:12). However, Satan was destroyed by Christ, sin was taken away through Christ's death, and death was nullified by Christ's appearing in the flesh. Moreover, our old man, which was corrupted by Satan, sin, and death, was terminated by being crucified with Christ. All these items are included in the bruising of the serpent's head by the seed of the woman. These are the achievements of Christ as the seed of the woman.

Here is another hymn we should also sing:


When I have a little sickness, I like to sing the second stanza the most:


The fourth stanza is also very good:


We should not let anything dim our vision or make our vision weak. Too often we let something dim our vision and make our vision so vague. This is our sinfulness. If we would confess our sins thoroughly, this thorough confession would clear the sky. Then our vision could never be dim. Go wherever He would send you. Do not let anything dim your vision. Go by rising up and being filled with the consummated Spirit essentially and economically.

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