I dare not be defeated

I dare not be defeated
With Calvary in view,
Where Jesus conquered Satan,
Where all His foes He slew;
Come, Lord, and give the vision
To nerve me for the fight,
Make me an overcomer
Clothed with Thy Spirit’s might.
  A victor, a victor!
Because of Calvary.
Make me an overcomer,
  A conqu’ror, a conqu’ror, Lord, in Thee.
I dare not be defeated
Since Christ, my conquering King
Has called me to the battle
Which He did surely win.
Come, Lord, and give me courage,
Thy conquering Spirit give,
Make me an overcomer,
In power within me live.
I dare not be defeated,
When Jesus leads me on
To press through hellish regions
To share with Him His Throne;
Come, Lord, and give Thy soldier
The power to wield the sword,
Make me an overcomer
Through Thine inerrant Word.
I dare not be defeated,
Just at the set of sun,
When Jesus waits to whisper,
“Well done, beloved, well done;”
Come, Lord, bend from the Glory,
On me Thy Spirit cast,
Make me an overcomer,
A victor to the last.
Andrene Demontagnac

Cincinnati, OH, United States

“I dear not be defeated, ” When Jesus has already won the victory!

Jairo Moreira

Ontario, Canada

Amen to this hymn.


Ca, United States

I dare not be defeated. Lord empower me.

Stehen Bellingham

Irvine, California, United States

Lord, make me an overcomer! Amen

Sheila Richards

Laurel, Maryland, United States

I love that there is access to so many songs to feast upon and to serve to others as we grow up together in our dear beloved Lord Jesus Christ. He has put a new song in my heart today and this is it! "I DARE NOT BE DEFEATED!" ...With Calvary in view, Where Jesus conquered Satan, Where all His foes He slew....

Johnson F. Ajayi

United Kingdom

@Lara, if by God's providence you hear/own the tune to this hymn, please share it with me. I'm on FB. J. Folorunso Ajayi

Lara Okunubi

Los Angeles, California, United States

May the Lord bless the creator of this resource. There are many lyrics I would love to learn the tune. It will be great to have it sung so we can truly use in worship. God bless you all.

Ifeanyi Onah

Asaba, Delta, Nigeria

Those who follow Jesus are Victors because Jesus, their Master, is a Victor.


Riyadh, Ksa, Aloran, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Praise and worship be to our Lord Jesus.

William Powell

Hillsborough, NJ, United States

I wish that they could have this not just in instrumental form but with someone singing it. That would be appreciated. Otherwise, it is pretty good. God bless.