I dare not be defeated

I dare not be defeated
With Calvary in view,
Where Jesus conquered Satan,
Where all His foes He slew;
Come, Lord, and give the vision
To nerve me for the fight,
Make me an overcomer
Clothed with Thy Spirit’s might.
  A victor, a victor!
Because of Calvary.
Make me an overcomer,
  A conqu’ror, a conqu’ror, Lord, in Thee.
I dare not be defeated
Since Christ, my conquering King
Has called me to the battle
Which He did surely win.
Come, Lord, and give me courage,
Thy conquering Spirit give,
Make me an overcomer,
In power within me live.
I dare not be defeated,
When Jesus leads me on
To press through hellish regions
To share with Him His Throne;
Come, Lord, and give Thy soldier
The power to wield the sword,
Make me an overcomer
Through Thine inerrant Word.
I dare not be defeated,
Just at the set of sun,
When Jesus waits to whisper,
“Well done, beloved, well done;”
Come, Lord, bend from the Glory,
On me Thy Spirit cast,
Make me an overcomer,
A victor to the last.
Angelina Rafael

Baguio City, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

Praise the Lord for this wonderful song. He is really our victory. Thanks for this website that I can search for songs.

Carol Wallace

United States

To keep me focused in January 2011.