Life so glorious, glorious, glorious

Life so glorious, glorious, glorious,
Christ is glorious life to us;
Righteous, holy, bright and splend’rous,
Life so rich and bounteous.
All the glory of God’s nature,
All God’s fullness dwells in Him;
What a wonder! Christ so glorious
Is my life supply within.
Life of God, divine and holy,
Christ is life divine to us;
Incarnated, now as Spirit,
He makes home inside of us.
Moving, working, shining, training,
The anointing He applies;
Filling, watering, sustaining,
From within He sanctifies.
Life so mighty, mighty, mighty,
Mighty life is Christ to me;
With Him on the cross at Calv’ry
I was freed from slavery.
Then with Him, through resurrection,
I began to live with Him;
Now His resurrection power
Strengthens mightily within.
Life of conqu’ring, life victorious,
Overcoming life is He;
On the cross Christ Jesus freed us
Through His mighty victory;
Vanquished Satan, evil powers,
And the world, with all its ties;
In my spirit He’s transmitting
This great overcoming life.
Life so glorious, holy,  mighty,
Overcoming life is He;
Strength imparting ’till in vict’ry
We attain maturity.
He transforms us to His image,
Frees us from entangling weights;
’Till He comes and we’re transfigured,
Day by day He saturates.