This is my wonderful story

This is my wonderful story,
  Christ to my heart has come;
Jesus, the King of Glory,
  Finds in my heart a home.
  Christ in me, Christ in me,
Christ in me, O wonderful story,
Christ in me, Christ in me,
  Christ in me, the hope of glory.
Was there e’er story so moving,
  Story of love and pain;
Was there e’er Bridegroom so loving,
  Seeking our hearts to gain.
I am so glad I received Him,
  Jesus my heart’s dear King;
I who so often have grieved Him,
  All to His feet would bring.
How can I ever be lonely,
  How can I ever fall;
What can I want, if only
  Christ is my all in all?
Now in His bosom confiding,
  This my glad song shall be;
I am in Christ abiding,
  And Christ abides in me.
Muhan Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

"This is my wonderful story,

Christ to my heart has come."

Margaret Crookes

Southampton, Hampshire

Colossians 1.27