Down from His glory

Down from His glory,
  Ever living story,
My God and Savior came,
  And Jesus was His name.
Born in a manger,
  To His own a stranger,
A Man of sorrows, tears and agony.
  O how I love Him! How I adore Him!
My breath, my sunshine, my all in all!
The great Creator became my Savior,
  And all God’s fulness dwelleth in Him.
What condescension,
  Bringing us redemption;
That in the dead of night,
  Not one faint hope in sight,
God, gracious, tender,
  Laid aside His splendor,
Stooping to woo, to win, to save my soul.
Without reluctance,
  Flesh and blood His substance
He took the form of man,
  Revealed the hidden plan.
O glorious myst’ry,
  Sacrifice of Calv’ry,
And now I know Thou art the great “I AM.”

Paraopeba, MG, Brazil

That song , sure, more beaut amomg several....


Auckland, New Zealand

The words in this hymn sound simple, but they are so profound! I'm particularly touched by this utterance, "He took the form of man, revealed the hidden plan."

I believe the more we consider Christ's incarnation, the more we realise it is a mystery! The very God who became a man, Jesus, revealed His eternal plan to be expressed in man (Gen. 1:26)! Through man's actions, conduct, and words, God Himself can be expressed. Hallelujah!

Kelly Kalaidjian

Auckland, New Zealand

Hallelujah. My God and Savior came. Without His coming into mankind. There is no hope for men. But He came! And Jesus was His name! Praise the Lord, the great Creator became my savior! He is worthy all our praises for eternity!

Wes Garratt

Auckland, New Zealand

I never get tired of singing this hymn. It stirs up my love for the Lord Jesus, His incarnation, human living, crucifixion and resurrection are the greatest events in human history and we will need all eternity to fathom the depth of these mysteries, hallelujah praise Him!!

J & A

Auckland, New Zealand

What condescension! The great Creator came down from His glory to be my Saviour!! It’s hard to fathom how the great God laid aside His splendor, stooped down to woo me, win me, to save my soul!

How I love You, How I adore You! Thank you Lord Jesus for taking this big step into humanity to be my all in all.

R. Cheng

New Zealand

Singing this hymn just recovers my love towards our dear Lord!

"Without reluctance" speaks of Him choosing to take this way for us.

Oh how I love Him! How can I not when He's accomplished all for me?


Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand

John1:14. And the Word became flesh and tabernacles among us ( and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only Begotten from the Father ), full of grace and reality.

Lilo Xu

Auckland, New Zealand

oh how I love Him!! how I adore Him!!

Lord, be my breath, be my sunshine, be my all in all!!

Heidi B.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

What a beautiful hymn! More people need to know this song. God bless you for putting this up.

C. Taylor

Forth Worth, Texas, United States

The great Creator became my Savior!

And all God's fullness dwelleth in Him!