Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?
  The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.
Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed?
  To do the will of Jesus—this is rest.
Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round?
  On Jesus’ bosom naught but calm is found.
Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away?
  In Jesus’ keeping we are safe, and they.
Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown?
  Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.
Peter Terry

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Never was it so urgent that we find peace with God and know the peace of God and all humanity joined in peace and LOVE.

Dorcas T Adesanya

London, England, United Kingdom

May the perfect peace of God keep our hearts and minds in Jesus name. I declare into your life and destiny now and forever, peace that passes all understanding through our Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus name Amen. Thanks for uploading this song.

Pat Ade Ayebola

London, United Kingdom

This is one of the precious hymns the Lord uses to comfort me in the storms of life, where good intentions are misconstrued and we "...are led like sheep to the slaughter" like our Messiah (Isaiah 53).


Yes Yes Yes big AMEN True..I believe Jesus will be planning the future. Be at peace, be happy.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Edward Henry Bickersteth was born in Islington, England, the son of Edward Bikersteth (compiler of Bickersteth's Christian Psalmody 1833). He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was eventually ordained an Anglican minister.

In 1875, Bickersteth heard a sermon on Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee." After hearing this sermon he went to visit a dying relative. In order to comfort the troubled man, he sat down and wrote the poem "Peace, Perfect Peace" and then read it to him. The son of the author said, "The most touching occasion on which, personally, I ever heard it sung was round the grave of my eldest brother, Bishop Edward Bickersteth (of South Tokyo) at Chiselden in 1897, when my father was chief mourner" (One Hundred and One Hymn Stories by Price). He is also known for his writings consisting of 12 books of sermons hymns and poetry. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin


There are 2 additional stanzas at the end:

Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours?

Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers.


It is enough: earth’s struggles soon shall cease,

And Jesus call us to Heav'n’s perfect peace.


After one of Bick­er­steth’s sis­ters point­ed out that there is no­thing spe­ci­fic in the hymn about phy­si­cal suf­fer­ing. “That is soon rem­e­died,” he re­plied. He took up an en­ve­lope and wrote the fol­low­ing verse (ap­par­ent­ly ne­ver pub­lished) on the the back…:


Peace, perfect peace, ’mid suffering’s sharpest throes?

The sympathy of Jesus breathes repose.

Alao Micheal

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

I heard this hymn at the service this morning, it touched me . It reminded me of my father who died 2 years ago. The reassuring words gives me hope that he is in perfect peace. God bless you all.

Peter Farquhar

Buckingham, United Kingdom

I heard this lovely hymn for the first time in church this morning. I found it moving and reassuring.

'Peace I leave with you; not as the world gives give I unto you. (John 14 v. 27)

Dejo Olowu

Mafikeng, NW, South Africa

My mother passed away quietly very early yesterday. Even though this hymn brought hot tears to my face today, I searched for it, and the tears have done me well. We will sing this throughout the funeral celebrations! Eighty-seven years entirely invested in doing good. Halleluyah to my unfailing Jesus!!! Peace is here in my heart!!!


United States

Thanks for preserving this timeless classic. We can indeed find perfect peace in Jesus.

Kwamboka Nyambati

Nairobi, Kenya

This is indeed a marvelous song. Praise be to God for His everlasting peace in this dark world of sin where no hope lies but heartache and distress. Amina.