The days may yet grow darker

The days may yet grow darker,
  The nights more weary grow,
And Jesus may still tarry,
  But this one thing I know:
The Lord will still grow dearer,
  And fellowship will be
The closer and the sweeter
  Between my Lord and me.
’Tis our dear Lord we wait for,
  Our Hope! our Joy! our Friend!
Himself we long to welcome,
  And just beyond the bend
Hidden, perchance to meet us
  Before the day is done,
The waiting will be over
  And rest will have begun.
Hany Alfy

Cairo, Egypt

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I love this hymn.....


Baltimore, MD

Wow! What are wonderful reminder of the beauty to be found in trial! Through hardship our gold may be refined and our relationship with Christ deepened. That which the devil intends to use to frustrate or discourage us becomes the very means by which God draws us more closely to Himself and prepares us for an eternal life with Him. Thank You Jesus for Your presence that never leaves nor forsakes and Your promise to work all things for our good!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

It is true dear saints, when we go through trials, as sister M.E. Barber put it;

"But this one thing I know:

The Lord will still grow dearer,

And fellowship will be

The closer and the sweeter

Between my Lord and me."

Our brother Watchman Nee said that hundreds and thousands of conversations between The Lord and you will happen when we go through a way that we do not know. O The Lord will become sweeter through these.

1 Peter 5:5b to 12 is wonderful for times of trials.

The footnote 2 of 5:12, of the Recovery version, says:

"That they may pass through those sufferings, God supplies them with all the multiplied, varied, and true grace (v.10, 1:2; 4:10), which is sufficient to enable them to participate in the sufferings of and for Christ....)"

We do not know when we will meet Him, but as our sister encouraged us, perchance (possibly), He will be there hidden just beyond the bend or at the turn, the curve. Let's enter INTO this Grace.