Cloud of Witnesses

I no longer squander my life,
Now that this cloud’s met my sight;
In the barrens, dark as the night,
From afar off, came its light;
Which, like fiery pillar bright,
Floods my pathway with might,
For my life, new hope ignites,
Every footstep it guides.
Oh, how rich my life has become
As I pursue this bright cloud;
Universal pillar of truth,
Through the long ages unbowed;
This, the operating God,
In the flesh manifest,
Gives me faith beyond compare,
Matchless comfort and rest.
With great boldness I can press on,
Now I possess this bright cloud;
Brothers’, sisters’ powerful love
Bolsters, upholds and surrounds.
Truth my spirit ’lluminates;
How exhaustless this grace;
No more sighs and wand’ring days;
Now my heart’s found its place.
With you all I’m joined blent as one,
Part of this bright cloud today;
What a glorious, splendid sky;
Of crooked age unafraid.
Let me boldly forward press,
Testimony upraised;
May it, more magnificent,
Shine from age to age.
  O Lord! O Lord!
All encumb’ring weights, I’d lay down,
Live in this radiant cloud.
Note: “cloud” refers to the cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12:1.
Luke Appleton

United Kingdom

I wonder if the cloud mentioned in the first few verses is also the cloud from Exodus?

Jonathan Arias

Denver, CO, United States

O Lord Jesus I love you!