My home is God Himself; Christ brought me there

My home is God Himself; Christ brought me there,
And bade me dwell in Him, rejoicing there;
He bore me where no foot but His hath trod,
Within the holiest at home with God.
O holy place! O home divinely fair!
And we, God’s little ones, abiding there.
A long, long road I traveled night and day,
And sought to find within myself some way,
Aught I could do, or feel to bring me near;
Self effort failed, and I was filled with fear,
And then I found Christ was the only way
That I must come to Him and in Him stay.
O wondrous place! O home divinely fair!
And I, God’s little one, safe hidden there.
Lord, as I dwell in Thee and Thou in me,
So make me dead to everything but Thee;
That as I rest within my home most fair,
I’ll share my God in all and everywhere.
Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

Written in Sept., 1899. "The helpful testimony of another of God's children, and my own deep need of restfulness in Him led me to the truth as expressed in ' My Home is God'" (Author's MS.). It is the most extensively used of the Author's leaflets. - John Julian Dictionary of Hymnology 1907

Marlon Tecson

Caloocan, NRC, Philippines

O holy place! O home divinely fair!

And we, God's little ones, abiding there.

Oh what a wonderful incorporation with the infinite God to finite man.

Lynda Jones

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

It transports us to the heavenlies. it gives us a glimpse of the amazing love of God, touches the soul, and spirit.