Earthen vessel I was made


Harvest, Alabama, United States

1 Earthen vessel I was made,

Christ in me the treasure laid;

His container I must be,

As the content He in me.


Palmerston North, New Zealand

What a marvelous truth that we have Christ as the treasure within us! He is sustaining us with His power and He is our reality. Without Him there is just vanity. Then the song shows us our destiny, to be conformed to the image of Christ.

Koit Pärn

Türi, Järva, Estonia

It was so feeding to me to read it and to sing it. Amen. my need is to be broken more indeed!

I spoke on the all-inclusive Christ during the last seven days of 1962. The next day, January 1 of 1963, I was brought by a brother to Whittier to share with a group of seeking ones there. My burden was to share the truth and experience of transformation. Today I am still speaking on transformation. Stanza 6 of Hymns, #548 says: 'Transformation is my need, / To be broken more indeed, / That the clay may change in form, / To the treasure to conform.' We were made as an earthen vessel, but this vessel should be transformed in its appearance. Transformation is not a kind of outward reformation or correction. Transformation is a metabolic change in the substantial form.