Something every heart is loving

Something every heart is loving:
  If not Jesus, none can rest;
Lord, my heart to Thee is given;
  Take it, for it loves Thee best.
Thus I cast the world behind me;
  Jesus most beloved shall be;
Beauteous more than all things beauteous,
  He alone is joy to me.
Bright with all eternal radiance
  Is the glory of Thy face;
Thou art loving, sweet, and tender,
  Full of pity, full of grace.
When I hated, Thou didst love me,
  Shedd’st for me Thy precious blood;
Still Thou lovest, lovest ever,
  Shall I not love Thee, my God?
Keep my heart still faithful to Thee,
  That my earthly life may be
But a shadow to that glory
  Of my hidden life in Thee.
Brian Adamo

San Diego, CA, United States

“When I hated, Thou didst love me”

A biography of my life. Oh what a Savior we have!!

Ray Wiseman

Cincinnati, OH, United States

I have enjoyed singing this hymn often these days in particular during this pandemic. Three tremendous points reverberate in my spirit each time I consider the lines: “He alone is a joy to me. ” Jesus the lovely Person, is the only real true joy in this whole universe. “Is the glory of Thy face. ” There is nothing brighter, nothing more attractive or precious than the face of Jesus Christ. “Of my hidden life in Thee” Our existence and our real life is hidden with Christ in God. Amen


Tirane, Albania

Keep my heart still faithful to Thee,

That my earthly life may be

But a shadow to that glory

Of my hidden life in Thee.


Arcadia, CA, United States

Every third and fourth line of each stanza is my favorite!

Nelson Kiu

Anaheim, CA, United States

"Still Thou lovest, lovest ever,

Shall I not love Thee, my God?"


Long Beach, CA, United States

When we touch the Lord and the love He has for us, we have an automatic response within to love Him and give our life to Him. “Lord my heart to Thee is given” Everything else fades in comparison. I’m so thankful that every day we can touch the Lord in His beauty and every day He can draw us more into Himself and bring us further into His glory.


Wellington, New Zealand

This hymn has been coursing through my inner being for weeks now.

How wonderful and glorious it is that we can give our heart to Him as a consecrated offering, "Please do take it Lord, it truly loves Thee best".

Epaproditus Enoch Gadzeti

Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

You know what? Everything in this world may seem to be beautiful to us, yes! they may be but God the Lord is most beautiful. Hallelujah!!!