Prince of peace, control my will

Prince of peace, control my will;
Bid this struggling heart be still:
Bid my fears and doubtings cease:
Hush my spirit into peace.
Thou hast bought me with Thy blood,
Opened wide the gate to God;
Peace I ask, but peace must be,
Lord, in being one with Thee.
May Thy will, not mine be done;
May Thy will and mine be one;
Chase these doubtings from my heart,
Now Thy perfect peace impart.
Savior, at Thy feet I fall,
Thou, my life, my God, my all;
Let Thy happy servant be
One forevermore with Thee.


He is the Prince Of Peace; the eternal Father becomes the Prince Of Peace. After men have sinned, they have no peace with God and no peace with men. Whether it is a case of husbands and wives, schoolmates, doctors and nurses, or teachers and students, they all have no peace among them. But this wonderful Savior is the Prince Of Peace. Once you have received Him, everything is in peace.

Excerpt from Gospel Outlines chapter five