Remove my covering, Lord


Remove my covering, Lord,

That I may see Thy light,

And be deceived no more,

But all things see aright.


Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,

Scatter all my night, Lord,

And everything make bright, Lord,

For this I pray to Thee.

2 I hardly know myself;

Deceived so much by pride,

I often think I’m right

And am self-satisfied.

3 I know Thee even less;

In doctrine, shallowly;

True revelation lack

Of Thy reality.

4 As for Thy life within,

In darkness I mistake-

If spirit or the flesh,

One for the other take.

5 As for Thy way, O Lord,

I often am not clear;

I toward seclusion tend

And from the pathway veer.

6 As for Thy will for me,

I do not know it well;

I substitute my own

And often would rebel.

7 As for the church, I need

Thy revelation more,

The Body-life to know,

Thy wisdom to explore.

8 I long to be unveiled,

In everything made clear,

No more to be deceived

Or to my pride adhere.


Tirane, Albania

Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,

Scatter all my night, Lord,

And everything make bright, Lord,

For this I pray to Thee.

Ran Tao

Chongqing, China

I wanna say I love this version although the other may be better. They both make me calm and make me remember those days in the States.


I love it. It helps me feel better. Oh Lord Jesus! Amen.

Luis Gonzalez

El Salvador

This website has helped my congregation to sing these beautiful songs again. We are grateful. We are Christians who belong to the Baptist church "colon lourdes green fields", El Salvador, Central America. Thank you very much.

Shanta M

California, United States

Amen Lord thank you that you are the living light that unveils. Oh Lord scatter all my nights make everything bright. Thank you lord that you make everything bright. More of your living light outpour into my life oh I barely know myself but your light shines- oh lord your will for me i hardly know but your living light shines. Remove the cover of the self that your light may shine thourgh, making everything bright. Thank you Lord Jesus

Gonzalo Garcia

Jamaica Estates, New York, United States

I like this song because: First of all I hardly know my self, and often think I'm right. But hallelujah that our dear LORD is the LIVING LIGHT!! Oh, I tell you when I turn my heart to the lord the veil is removed right away I see thy light. Dear brothers and sisters the Lord is so precious.



I just like this song simply because a lot of things in my life that I want to pursue. My environment agreed with it but the Lord Jesus Himself does not want it for me. He has an sovereign arrangement to change this environment which I would like to possess. He removes all the things just to see His light esp. the needs for His building...Saints your burden must be the burden of our Lord Jesus...Remove all the things that are not for His buildung...Pursue things that satisfy His Heart...Amen.

Caryluz D. Mugot


I like this song is because it's remind me to come to the Lord and every time i feel dry in my part,the Lord always remind to just come to Him and calling on His's refresh my conscration to Him....Lord I love You.