Oh, for a heart to praise my God

Oh, for a heart to praise my God,
  A heart from sin set free,
With conscience sprinkled by the blood
  So freely shed for me.
A heart resigned, submissive, meek,
  My dear Redeemer’s throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,
  Where Jesus reigns alone.
A humble, lowly, contrite heart,
  Believing, true, and clean,
Which neither death nor life can part
  From Him that dwells within.
A heart in every thought renewed,
  And filled with love divine;
Perfect and right, and pure and good,
  A copy, Lord, of Thine.
Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart,
  Come quickly from above;
Write Thy new name upon my heart,
  Thy new, best name of Love.
Stella Kajevu

Gweru, Midlands, Zimbabwe

I remember singing this song way back in the early sixties doing Secondary Education in Mutare Manicaland Province

Elizabeth Durst

Monticello, FL, United States

I really enjoy this hymn. It is so uplifting to my heart. Thank you so much!

Nangamso Hlabahlaba

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I was born and raised as an Anglican in South Africa. I have known and sang this Hynm in my native language all my life but recently I started reading it instead of singing it & suddenly it came alive. I was so overwhelmed to find out who wrote it. I know the story of the Wesley's. I thank God for the translator of to my Native language Rev A. G. Nyovane. I found the original English lyrics & my whole suddenly made sense. I cant wait to meet both the author & the translator in heaven...

Sean Tanner

Pasco, Washington, United States

Hi Rosita or anyone reading there is indeed another tune that can be used for this hymn. The tune is from a song called heavenward flight. If you look up the tag ogbb in imgur a picture I posted of the sheet music will appear. The ogbb Stand for Old German Baptist Brethren.


Christiansted, Us Virgin Islands, United States

There is another stanza to this hymn:

My heart Thou knowest can never rest

Till Thou create its peace;

Till or my Eden repossest

From self and sin I cease.

Nelson K

Sydney, Australia

"A heart... where only Christ is heard to speak, where Jesus reigns alone."

Frank Alcamo

Oceanside, New York, United States

Father conform us to the image of Your Son. Help us to so abide in Him that we walk even as Jesus walked.

Rosita Enriquez

United States

Is there or can someone come up with another tune....lyrics are wonderful! I think our young people will enjoy it.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

This hymn, written by Charles Wesley less than 4 years after his conversion, is based on Ps 51:10, "Create in me a clean heart, O God." - Great Songs of Faith by Brown & Norton


The original 3rd line of stanza 1 says:

"A heart that always feels Thy blood" instead of "With conscience sprinkled by the blood"


There are 3 additional stanzas not usually included in hymnals, which come before the last stanza:


Thy tender heart is still the same,

And melts at human woe:

Jesus, for thee distressed I am,

I want Thy love to know.


My heart, Thou know’st, can never rest

Till Thou create my peace;

Till of mine Eden repossest,

From self, and sin, I cease.


Fruit of Thy gracious lips, on me

Bestow that peace unknown,

The hidden manna, and the tree

Of life, and the white stone.

The Hagen Nation

United States

Amen and amen.