Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me

Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
  For my very life art Thou;
Thee I take to all my problems
  As the full solution now.
Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
  In all things Thy will be done;
I but a transparent vessel
  To make visible the Son.
Consecrated is Thy temple,
  Purged from every stain and sin;
May Thy flame of glory now be
  Manifested from within.
Let the earth in solemn wonder
  See my body willingly
Offered as Thy slave obedient,
  Energized alone by Thee.
Every moment, every member,
  Girded, waiting Thy command;
Underneath the yoke to labor
  Or be laid aside as planned.
When restricted in pursuing,
  No disquiet will beset;
Underneath Thy faithful dealing
  Not a murmur or regret.
Ever tender, quiet, restful,
  Inclinations put away,
That Thou may for me choose freely
  As Thy finger points the way.
Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
  For my very life art Thou;
Thee I take to all my problems
  As the full solution now.
Tom Smith

Lake Forest, CA, United States

God desires that Christ be expressed through human life. The words of this hymn should be our continual prayer "Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me." May our prayer be according to God's revelation and carry out His desire so that "Christ lives in me" (Gal. 2:20).

Michele Mensing

"Thee I take to all my problems" as the full solution now. Many years ago a brother shared that we are used to taking our problems to the Lord, but here it says to take the Lord to our problems. That really impressed me and stuck with me. We need to learn to apply the Lord to our situations/problems. He is the Spirit so available to us and ready to apply!

Boaz Leong

Manila, Philippines

"Girded, waiting Thy command; underneath the yoke to labor or be laid aside as planned." This impressed me. We truly need to wait for the Lord's command, even if it is to be laid aside as planned.


New York City, NY, U.S.A.

Recently I've been experiencing a state of slothfulness in my pursuing of the Lord especially concerning morning revival. The Lord ultimatley had to say "stop working, I will lay you aside for a time." To cover me then said "I am Soveriegn, it is your disposition" I began to feel a little discouraged then this hymn came to my thoughts. I then went on the search engine from this site, found this hymn, opened up my hymnal and began to sing. Stanza 3 says "Every moment, every member, girded waiting Thy command; Underneath the yoke to labor or be laid aside as planned. When restricted in pursuing no disquite will beset; underneath Thy faithful dealing not a murmur or regret." I then considered that this hymn was written by bro. Watchman Nee and realized even a brother whom the Lord used in such a way had this kind of experience. Many times my natural thought misunderstands the Lord, but in reality, His heart is always good toward us. So I just give myself to be simple and be under the Lord's faithful dealing not a murmur or regret through His mercy. Lord Jesus I do love You. We love You, Lord.

Jennifer Baltazar


Lord Jesus thank because u are the solution in all our problem. May you cause us all to depend on You all the time. Eventhough I dont have the church life I am being strengthen in all the hymns. Thank You Lord Jesus. I love You Lord. Amen.

Clayton Wright

In reply to sister Elisabeth's post, sister thank you for sharing your enjoyment. It encouraged me to pray that I might know the Lord more, love Him more, and to have Him as my REAL protection, provision, and pleasure. At this moment i believe He can and will be forevermore. I just also pray that the enemy will have his mouth shut.

Satan is a liar, and Jesus Christ is Lord!


Pleasant Hill, CA, U.S.A.

Lord, thank You we can take You as the full solution to ALL our problems! Lord Jesus we love You! You are our abundant supply! Amen!

Whenever we look anywhere for a solution outside of Christ, we are in DANGER of finding a solution outside of Christ! Lord Jesus, keep us depending on You and letting You live through us as our very life!!!

In general, as long as people are not saying anything wrong or not saying something negative about other people, they speak whenever it pleases them. However, because we enjoy the Lord as life, we should return to our spirit and speak in our spirit whenever we speak. A person might lose his temper if his wife or a classmate makes him angry. If it would be embarrassing to lose his temper in a particular environment, he may exercise control but lose his temper later. What should we do if we are about to lose our temper, since we have Christ as life and enjoy Him as life? We should not lift up our eyes to heaven and say, "O Lord Jesus, if You want me to lose my temper, I will lose my temper, but if You do not want me to lose my temper, I will not lose my temper." Instead, we should turn to our spirit and touch the feeling in our spirit by fellow-shipping with the Lord, and say, "I am about to lose my temper, but what are You doing?" Stanza 1 of Hymns, #403 says, "Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me, / For my very life art Thou; / Thee I take to all my problems / As the full solution now." Whether or not we lose our temper is not for us to decide; the Lord Jesus should be our answer. If after asking Him in this way He is silent within us, we will not have any temper to lose. We can even ask Him if He wants to lose His temper. If we fellowship with Him in this way, we will have no strength to lose our temper. This is not a joke. This is the testimony of many believers. This is the way for us to enjoy the Lord as life.

God desires that Christ be expressed through human life. We see this in [Colossians] 3:18—4:1, a sister passage to Ephesians 5:22—6:9, regarding the believers' ethical relationships. In Ephesians the emphasis is on the need of spirit-filled ethical relationships for the expression of the Body in the normal church life. In Colossians the emphasis is that we should hold Christ as our Head and take Him as our life by having His rich word dwelling in us, that the highest ethical relationships, issuing not from our natural life but from Christ as our life, may be realized for His expression.

If we live in union with Christ, Christ will be expressed through our humanity. Christ is to he expressed in the human life, not in the angelic life. Angels cannot express Christ. The Father has ordained that we, His chosen ones, be the expression of His Son. "Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me," should be our prayer (see Hymns #403).

This hymn tells us that Christ is concealed within us, waiting to be manifested.

Even though Christ is concealed within us, this hidden glory cannot always remain covered and sometimes becomes manifest openly. I know that some parents are against their children's becoming Christians, especially in the Chinese families that accept the ideologies of Confucius and Mencius. Such parents always think that when their children believe in Jesus, they are believing in a foreign religion, which is not a glory but a shame to their ancestors for three generations. This is why parents oppose their children's believing in the Lord Jesus. Among the brothers and sisters here today, there is one who believed in the Lord and was saved under such a circumstance. This brother was saved in junior high school. Before he was saved, he was a naughty teenager, but after getting saved, his living changed completely. When people scolded him, he remained pleasant. His parents would beat him for believing in the Lord, but he would go meekly into his bedroom to kneel by his bed and pray to the Lord. Time after time, day after day the Lord Jesus would manifest His glory in this previously naughty teenager. His parents were so touched that eventually they also believed in the Lord. Many parents oppose when their children first believe in the Lord, but eventually they end up believing in the Lord also. Hallelujah! It is hard to find a family in which the parents do not follow their children to believe in the Lord. Everyone who is genuinely saved has the glory of the Lord Jesus manifested in him; this means that the invisible God is expressed through him.