Lord, Deeper Make Thy Home in Me

Lord, deeper make Thy home in me
’Til ev’ry room belong to Thee,
That Thou might fully make me Thee
And so full rest Thou have in me.
So also deeper into Thee
I’d make my home, my rest in Thee;
A pillar in Thy temple be
And stay in Thee eternally.
Thy precious blood was shed that we
Could closer, closer, closest be;
In resurrection brought to Thee
That we might be as one as Thee.
My lovely Lord, my dear Bridegroom,
In trust I open ev’ry room;
This mind, emotion, will be Thine;
When Thou hast rest, that rest is mine.
Oh mystery of mysteries—
Lord, Thou in me and I in Thee!
The church, Thy tabernacle, we;
Our temple, Thou eternally.
Lord, make Thy home more ev’ry day,
’Til one with Thee in ev’ry way,
’Til on me write Thy holy name,
’Til on me write Thy city’s name.
Lord, Thou art me and I am Thee,
As lovers coinhering, we;
Soon then shall come eternity
When God and man dwell mutually.
Jim Miller

San Francisco, CA, United States

A lovely, singable melody but in verse five, man is the tabernacle in which God dwells ("behold the tabernacle of God is with man,") and the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple") See RcV Rev. 21:22, footnote 2. For eternity, God dwells in man, the tabernacle of God, and man dwells in God, the Temple. Brother Lee once charged us to preach such a gospel. Man, frail, transient is God's dwelling for eternity, God, solid and immovable, is man's dwelling for eternity. Pretty wonderful, no? They really are not interchangeable. Thinking of them so takes away the wonderful mystery of God chosing to dwell in frail, mortal man and His gracing man with Himself as man's eternal abode. Wonderful!

Rosita Enriquez

Yes, The Lord is gaining His Bride and we our Bridegroom. Day by day, little by little, He is making His home in our hearts and we are giving Him more room. Hallelujah we are being transformed. The final issue, The New Jerusalem, God and man mingled together!

Jerry Verbeek

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

This is a most precious hymn that unveils God's hearts desire to have a Bride that matches Him in every way to be His counterpart that He could abide with her eternally!