Savior, lead me up the mountain

Savior, lead me up the mountain,
  Where the Lord alone is seen,
Where we hear the voice from heaven,
  Where the air is pure and clean.
  Lead me higher up the mountain,
  Give me fellowship with Thee;
In Thy light I see the fountain,
    And the blood it cleanses me.
Higher up where light increases,
  Far above all earthly strife,
Where the strain of effort ceases,
  Where in Christ we reign in Life.
Savior, keep me up the mountain
  Pressing on toward the goal,
Till, as one, we share Thine image,
  And Thy love and grace extol.


Num.6:24-27, Savior Thank You for Blessing us, Your recovery on earth, our song is "one one one". LORD Bless Your Project in Southern California (9000 saints), God's retreat Place, the Mountain of God, of having pleasant times with His people. (Life Study #12 Psalm).

Brother Lee once said, you never know how much a physical facility will facilitates the Lord's coming. We believe the LORD will bless, saints will rise up, act as one unit in this singular project for the LORD's move here on earth. Amen & I am too the happiest person under the hearing of this project:):) for through this our God is not only obtaining a place of retreat, the mountain of our God for Himself but also in this very process of obtaining this place, He is producing His pure in heart, Matt.5:8 for only our God is pure and today our heart cannot be divided, we want our God, 2Cor. 3:18 we want serving our God alone today. For this O LORD, Bless EACH one saint, Bless EVERY brother and sister for the LORD's move to end this age. Bless us ONE BY ONE, Use us ONE BY ONE to Bless others for the whole earth needs is just Jesus our Savior.

Exo.25, 25:2, 35:5,, 21, 22-29, 36:6, 1Cor.16:2, 2Cor.9:7. (LORD each saint)

Savior, each one part for You &Your recovery Thank YOU we want to be ONE by ONE part of 'they' who see God Matt. 5:8, and are standing with Him, these are 'they' who follow the Lamb. Rev.14:1, 4-5.

Heinz Hohenstein

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

How sweet and sublime to be in fellowship with God up on the mountains!


Kwahu, Eastern, Ghana

Oh Lead me higher up the mountain,

Give me fellowship with Thee.

Oh Lord lead us on.

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

I don't know of any other hymn that the word "mountain" is referred to so much. In the book of Matthew the word "mountain" is referred to about fourteen times. Each reference to the word "mountain" brings us into a new glimpse of Christ. Whether it be the first mention when He was tempted, or the last one where in resurrection He commissioned the disciples to "go," there is always a new revelation of Christ! May our life be one on that mountain where we can hear the Beloved's voice alone!