A mind at perfect peace with God

A mind at perfect peace with God;
  O what a word is this!
A sinner reconciled through blood;
  This, this indeed is peace.
By nature and by practice far,
  How very far from God;
Yet now by grace brought nigh to Him,
  Through faith in Jesus’ blood.
So nigh, so very nigh to God,
  I cannot nearer be;
For in the person of His Son
  I am as near as He.
So dear, so very dear to God,
  More dear I cannot be;
The love wherewith He loves the Son,
  Such is His love to me.
Why should I ever anxious be,
  Since such a God is mine?
He watches o’er me night and day,
  And tells me “Mine is thine.”
Santos Ramos

Gulf Breeze, FL, United States

To know Jesus is to know God. God is love, In love of others will you truly be closest to their hearts.




Valerie Trujillo

Phoenix, AZ, United States

What love has been bestowed on us! From being sinners reconciled through blood to being promised all that is His is ours! Lord, how precious are Your promises and the grace You give to us which motivates us to give our all to You!

Mike Smith

Owings Mills, Maryland, United States

Thanks be to God for the word of God. This song really touch my heart. Thanks to the song writer as well.


This song has truly blessed me today during my Devotional with God. It's so wonderful to know that I am so loved by God with the same love with which He loves His Son, Jesus Christ, who is my Savior and Lord. Lord You are my peace, my Joy, You are my everything and I love You more than anything!

Thank those of you who wrote this song and for those of you who placed in my devotional book!! I thank God of for the person who gave this book to me as a gift that has truly blessed me, and still blessing me every day. God please bless her abundantly because she is a faithful servant of yours, and a good friend to me.


Quinlan, Texas, United States

Thank You God for You are our Peace, and rest. You are now reachable, touchable and so available to us thru Your son's death and ressurection. You are a Wonderful God!

Bob Dorotich

Richmond, VA, United States

When we sang this today I did not think or believe the writer was correct in his thinking that God loves us in the same measure as His Son. Then the Holy Spirit of God "hit" me with a remembrance of our Lord's Prayer in John 17......."That Thou lovest them with the SAME loves as Thou lovest Me." I was blessedly silenced

Jean Patience

Likasi, Katanga, Democratic Republic Of Congo

How wonderful is this! "Why should I ever anxious be, since such a God is mine?" I love You, O Jesus!

Tim Dennison

Portland, Maine, United States

Being around so much worldliness turns my heart to matters enjoyed by the world that don't reflect God's light. I feel impressed to confess I live with guilt that makes me teeter tauter on the fence of life between sanity and insanity. My flesh is easy to feed but my soul takes a determined purposeful effort. I become slack in following my Savior, but my sometimes backsliding is followed by Him ALLWAYS letting me enter back into His presence, peace and rest. God clears my mind from sin and clutter like nothing else is able to. I feel this desolate separation from God, He convicts me of my sin, and I boldly (even though trembling, scared, weak and undeserving is simultaneously running through my feelings) approach Him knowing that even though my heart is condemning me God is greater than my heart.....I think this song is auto replay with much satisfaction and gratitude I express my sincere thanks for those of you who made it possible to have such amazing hymn music free of charge. It has truly fed my soul deep encouragement...you are blessed; thank you for passing it on...

Paul Ten

Birmingham, United Kingdom

A perfect peace of mind with God is a story of the journey of struggle between the unfaithful mind and the faithful God.

No one like to be put in a situation of uncertainty or restriction that he/she dislikes. Yet this very God who embodied in Christ come to us a a faithful one in supplying the very life that we needed so much, even in an impossible situation. It is this impossible situation that make this struggle happens and wrestle as we might, for Him, the goal is the same as the beginning and the end, i.e. impart Himself into us as the very peace within. Oh, what a life, what a peace. His Body is filled with this very peace and whoever come to have fellowship with this very Body will be at peace with God through this flow of life.