Around Thy table, holy Lord

Around Thy table, holy Lord,
  In fellowship we meet,
Obedient to Thy gracious word,
  This feast of love to eat.
Here every one that loves Thy name,
  Our willing hearts embrace;
Our source of life and hope the same,
  All debtors to Thy grace.
Commune with each at this blest hour,
  Thy peace, Thy joy impart;
Thy thoughts of love, of truth, of pow’r,
  Impress upon each heart.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

This beautiful Lord’s table hymn, which has been used with the “sweet feast of love divine, ” was written by the wife of a country parson, and first appeared in a collection of hymns used by the Brethren, published in London in 1842.

Mary Peters the writer, was the daughter of Richard Bowly, and was born in Cirencester in 1813. She married John Peters sometime rector of Quennington, Gloucestershire; and in the stillness of the old rectory many of her hymns were written.

Of the many compositions by this gifted writer “Around Thy Table Holy Lord” Is the shortest, and one of the sweetest.

To enjoy to the full extent this song of supplication is to join in the singing of it to the old tune “Wilshire, ” A melody so closely associated with the 23rd Psalm, and yet very well suited to give expression to the theme brought out in the words of this composition.

Another beautiful hymn by the same author begins:

Oh Lord, how much Thy name unfolds

To every opened ear;

The pardoned sinner’s memory holds

None other half so dear.

Jesus! It speaks a life of love,

Of sorrows meekly borne;

It tells of sympathy above,

Whatever grieves we mourn.

Other familiar hymns written by Mrs. Peters are: “The holiest now we enter, ” “Praise ye the Lord again and again, ” “Through the Love of God our Savior, ” and “O blessed Lord what hast Thou done! ”

Mary Peters died at Clifton, Bristol, on July 29, 1856.

One of the most renowned literary works of Mrs. Peters was a history of the world from the creation to the accession of queen Victoria, published in seven volumes, which took up a considerable amount of time to complete. And yet, with the passing of time, while this addition of historic literature has now become obscure, Mary Peters’ hymns have never lost their sweetness to the voice which sings them and are found in almost every Christian hymnal.

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, CA, United States

Here every one that loves Thy name,

Our willing hearts embrace;

Our source of life and hope the same,

All debtors to Thy grace.

Yuan Liou

Chico, CA, United States

We really enjoy this little hymn this Lord's Day before His table. We come together to eat the feast of love and we have the same life and hope that we commune with one another in peace, joy, and love. Amen Praise the Lord.

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