We’re the river-crossers, Hebrews is our name

We’re the river-crossers, Hebrews is our name;
Crossed the Euphrates, idols all are slain.
Entered into Canaan, left the other side;
Seeking a city, which shall e’er abide.
  We are the Hebrews, that’s our real name;
  We’ve crossed the river, we are not the same.
  Building God’s house that He may dwell on earth,
  Building God’s house that He may dwell on earth.
We were bound in Egypt, building for the foe;
God of the Hebrews said, “Let My people go!”
We have crossed the Red Sea, reached the other side;
Pharaoh, his army, perished in the tide.
  God of the Hebrews, speak again today;
  God of the Hebrews, lead us all the way.
  Save all Your people from this crooked age,
  Save all Your people from this crooked age.
We’re released, and now we build the house of God;
His tabernacle is our true abode.
Forty years of oldness left in Jordan’s tide,
Fight we for Canaan on the kingdom side.
  Salvation’s Captain sounds the trump of war;
  City by city, take we more and more,
  To gain His kingdom, enter into rest,
  To gain His kingdom, enter into rest.
What was once God-given soon a form became;
Then John the Baptist did God’s word proclaim—
Make another crossing, God is going on;
Judaism’s over; listen to My Son!
  Turn from the prophets, turn unto the Son;
  He’s My Beloved, He and I are one;
  His Word will save you to the uttermost,
  His Word will save you to the uttermost.
Now we’re overcomers on the sea of glass;
This final crossing will forever last.
Sing the song of Moses, make the praise complete,
Look! All our enemies beneath our feet.
  We’re overcomers, that’s our real name.
  God has His city; Satan gets the shame.
  God is our portion for eternity,
  God is our portion for eternity.

Spokane, WA, United States

Thank you, Steve. You are exactly right! It should say, "Turn from tradition." The prophets spoke only the words that Christ, as God, gave them. He is the Word, and the Word is always in agreement with Him. To turn from the true word is to turn from the True Word, Christ Himself.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Elizabeth is correct. It is a mistake in the song to say "turn from the prophets" (Acts 13:27 & many others). It could say, "Turn from tradition" instead.


Amherst, NY, United States

The reason that this song says turn from the prophet, is because we have the Son! As we saw on the Mount of Transfiguration, Christ was in contrasted with the Son. In the OT they should have listened to the prophets, but in the NT praise the Lord we have the Son Himself, the Real Prophet!


Spokane, WA, United States

I love this song and sing it often-as well as the "virgins must be wise and pure," but why does it say, "turn FROM the prophets"? If the Jews had truly turned TO the prophets in Christ's day, they would have recognized who He was. They had turned from the prophets and that was the problem. The Pharisees had won them over to their worldly way of thinking-just as the churches today have been won over to the world. Christ is the Word and His Word is not to be turned from but turned to!