In Revelation two and three

In Revelation two and three,
The seven local churches see:
The lessons there for you and me
Are for the Lord’s recovery.
The words to them are words to us,
So that the church be glorious,
And all their warnings we must heed
So that the Lord can meet His need.
To Ephesus, the word is clear:
“To your first love you’re not so near;
You’ve left to work so far away;
Repent, return to Him today.”
Thus, we must all turn back to Him,
Leave other loves, for these are sin.
Oh, let us hearken to His call—
If we miss this, we’ve missed it all!
Then unto Smyrna, suffering, sore—
“You have been tried, but something more—
Be faithful unto death,” we’re told
(Not just of body but of soul).
Be faithful ’til what’s natural dies;
Your circumstances don’t despise;
The Lord has sent them all to you
To prove that your first love is true.
From Pergamos we clearly see
The world has wed Christianity!
And faithful Antipas did fall—
He dared to stand against it all.
To wed the world we all must fear:
His spoken word will save us here—
If to His speaking we give heed,
We’ll separated be indeed.
Then Thyatira comes at length:
Her mixture with the world her strength.
Fine flour leavened by the yeast,
A harlot riding on a beast.
Lord, we are mixed but hardly know;
To us this mixture fully show.
Each added thing we will refute
Until we’re wholly absolute.
And then from Sardis, we can know
Life is the way that we must go!
She says she’s living, but she’s dead;
She needs to touch the Lord instead.
Lord, take us all the way to life
To overcome the deadness rife.
Away from deadness we would flee
That full of life we’ll always be.
Now Philadelphia comes at last;
That which she has she should hold fast
The brothers’ love, the name, the word;
This church has satisfied the Lord.
We as the brothers all are one;
We’re one by life, and life alone.
If we His word and name do keep
A glorious building God will reap.
Laodicea warns us all:
From Philadelphia some will fall.
By saying, “I am rich,” it’s then
The Lord is outside wanting in.
Lukewarmness we must ever spurn
And in the spirit always burn,
The inward life experience gain,
And pay the price with Him to reign.
Lord, shine Your light on us today
That we may fully go Your way;
Anoint our eyes and let us see
So You can have recovery.

Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI), United States

This hymn gives many experiential prayers for us based on the condition of all seven churches. Very sweet way to spend time with the Lord.

Johnson Folorunso Ajayi

Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

I just read the Letters to the Seven Churches this morning - now this!

Praise God. Christ is in the midst of His church; each church an angel - what does your angel report to the Lord you did last Sunday? Bicker? Gossip? Want the Pastor out? Can't forgive that sister? What does your angel see you do? Are you dead, thinking you are alive? Is it all work and no substance? Are you wedded to the world, because "that's how it is TODAY"?

OR will you stand firm and stand up for Jesus?

Precious Chantel Sumlin

Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.

I like this song. My soul does says yes to God and I wasn't to how that I want to be right and that I want to know about His word and that I love Him and I'm going to stay on the battle field for Him. 15 years old and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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