The birthright God has giv’n to us

The birthright God has giv’n to us
Must be our goal, our highest prize,
For we’re the church of the first-born—
Let us our portion realize!
A double portion of the land
Was Joseph’s birthright—and ’tis ours
If we our garments keep from sin,
And stay pure in temptation’s hour.
The priesthood was to Levi giv’n
As his inheritance—for he
Did count his family ties but loss
And owned God’s things supreme to be.
The kingship, Judah did receive
For tending to young Joseph’s need;
Through Benjamin’s adversity,
He was his comforter indeed.
The double portion we would seek,
The priesthood and the kingship too;
Make us so desperate, Lord, for Thee
That Thee, our birthright, we’d pursue.
We would be those who pay the price,
Deny the soul, reject the self;
Ambitious for the birthright thus
We’d gain Thee, Lord, above all else.
The promise, Lord, ’twas giv’n to us,
Oh, let us ne’er this right despise;
Enflame us, Lord, to gain Thyself,
And Thee, our birthright realize.