We give ourselves to follow the churches

We give ourselves to follow the churches,
  Oneness in Christ display;
Follow His move in all of the churches,
  Stand fast as one this way.
  We must follow the Spirit
  In all simplicity.
In our spirit is Jesus—
    He follows perfectly!
We give ourselves to follow the followers,
  By this we truly learn;
Never desiring to be the leaders,
  But to the Spirit turn.
We give ourselves the flock’s steps to follow
  Knowing the Shepherd’s care.
Now in the churches Jesus is leading
  And He is speaking there.
We give ourselves to Thee, O Lord Jesus,
  Never to turn aside;
Where’er the Lamb goes, there we would follow,
  Follow whate’er betide.
We give ourselves to enter the kingdom,
  That marriage feast, with Him;
Come persecution, suffering, and trials,
  Still we will enter in.
Christ wants some followers here in the churches,
  Followers of whom to say:
“These saw My purpose, followed Me wholly”—
  May we be those today!
James Lumantas

Seoul, South Korea

Follow the Spirit in our spirit in all simplicity!


Sydney, Nsw, Australia

In our spirit is Jesus - He follows perfectly!