The Bible is the Word of God

The Bible is the Word of God,
  Its message is but one—
Christ and the church, His holy Bride,
  The two becoming one.
  Oh, what a miracle that we could be His Bride!
  Oh, what a miracle! All else we lay aside
That we may now prepare to meet Him in the air
    And ever in our Bridegroom’s love abide.
The Father is the mighty God,
  His purpose is but one—
To find a Bride for Christ the Lord
  And give her to His Son.
The Son is Jesus Christ the Lord,
  His heart desire’s but one—
To have a loving counterpart,
  A Bride He’s wooed and won.
The Spirit is but Christ Himself,
  He is the Lord applied
To generate the men of earth,
  Transform them as His Bride.
The living Word is Jesus too,
  God-breathed as life to us,
That we be wholly sanctified,
  A Bride all-glorious.
Clay Sylvester

Waukegan, Illinois, United States

How did I come across this wonderful hymn? Well, it was found in a book that, unfortunately, sat untouched on my bookshelf for 23 years! I realized long ago that my morning time in the Word had to be from the ministry materials and knew deep down that if there is to be growth and advancement in the Christian life, that the ministry materials are utterly essential!. But, somehow I lost my way and neglected my salvation. After a very long absence, I woke up and came to my senses. Thank You, Lord, for " The Holy Word for Morning Revival: The World Situation and the New Revival" (2001). All the Morning Revival books by the Living Stream Ministry are simply indispensable. It is no small thing that year after year, without fail, these marvelous books have been sustaining and supporting our spiritual building up as the Bride of Christ and also as the corporate warrior to defeat the worst foe - the self. There is too much to remark in this comments section, but suffice it to ask... saints, where would we be today without the Morning Revival books, with Scripture portions to pray-read, crucial excerpts from the ministry, further reading references, applicable hymns, room for notes & composing prophecies, etc. Thank the Lord for all those good and faithful servants who have distilled the overall ministry into edible, daily portions!

Sherley Milord Belimaire

Port Au Prince, Pap, Haiti

I discovered this song here and learned it. So profound, I love it.

Thank you for this very resourceful site.

It has allowed me to link many hymns I knew in my own native tongues (creole/French) to their english versions by their tunes.



David Kwasi Amuzu

Accra, Ghana

Great!!! am loving it