There’s a race for us to run—Hallelujah

There’s a race for us to run—Hallelujah,
  And a way for us the race to win.
To all those who have begun—Hallelujah,
  God has spoken, “Look away to Him!”
  Look away! O look away!
Look to Jesus now today!
Look away from everything unto Jesus,
  Look away from everything to Him!
Look away from all around—Hallelujah,
  Look away from all the strife and din;
Look away where peace is found—Hallelujah,
  Look away from everything to Him.
Look away from fickle soul—Hallelujah,
  Look away from failing self within;
Look away toward the goal—Hallelujah,
  Look away from everything to Him.
Look away from all the past—Hallelujah,
  Look away from both the good and sin;
To the living One hold fast—Hallelujah,
  Look away from everything to Him.
Look away into His face—Hallelujah,
  He who’ll finish what He did begin.
O what grace to run the race—Hallelujah—
  We obtain by looking off to Him!
Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Look away from everything to Him!



Looking away unto Jesus, the Author and the Perfector of our faith. 🙂

Joseph Ming

Monrovia, CA, United States

Look away onto the beauty of our Lord Jesus!!!!



We look away from both good AND sin unto Jesus!

Dee Dee

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Grace us Lord every day to look away from everything unto You <3


Irvine, California, United States (USA)

Look away unto Him!!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Look away from everything unto Jesus!


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Amen, we look away unto Jesus.

Roger Hsu

Arcadia, CA, United States

Lord let us look away from the world and only focus on You!

李 菲 麗

United States

Praise the Lord! what a very cheering and encouraging hymn!

"The Greek word translated “LOOKING AWAY UNTO” denotes “looking with undivided attention by turning away from every other object.” As Hebrew believers---the river crossers, we had to look away from all the things in our environment—away from old religion, Judaism, and its persecution, and away from all earthly things—that we might look unto Jesus, who is now seated on the right hand of the throne of God in the heavens. Hallelujah!....... The wonderful Jesus, who is enthroned in heaven and crowned with glory and honor (Heb. 2:9), is the greatest attraction in the universe. He is like an immense magnet, drawing all His seekers to Him. It is by being attracted by His charming beauty that we LOOK AWAY from all things other than Him. Without such a charming object, how could we look away from so many distracting things on this earth? When we look away unto Jesus, we see Him, and He is infused into us. [(Conclusion of the New Testament, The (Msgs. 367-387), Chapter 14, Section 2)] Praise the Lord!