The birds upon the tree tops

  The birds upon the tree tops sing their song;
The angels chant their chorus all day long;
The flowers in the garden blend their hue,
So why shouldn’t I, why shouldn’t you praise Him too?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was born and raised on th outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. We used to sing this lovely song in Sundayschool back in the 60's. When I hear the birdis singing outside during spring and summertime, this song always come to mind. I couldn't figure out the real lyrics either so I also created my own version that made no sense. 😉. Glad I came across the proper lyrics.

Shara Coryell

Myrtle Creek, Oregon, United States

Our heavenly father shows each bird how to build its nest how to weave the hay and string just what would be the best. He helps them find the feathers to make it soft and warm, and shows them were to build it up high away from harm. If God takes care of little birds I'm sure as sure can be that he is always watching and taking care of me ... The birds upon the tree tops sing their songs the Angel's chant their course all day long the flowers in the garden blend thier hues so why shouldn't I why shouldn't you praise him too...... that's how I remember the full lyrics!!


Elyria, OH, United States

Strawberry Shortcake's favorite song from back home in the Westwood Jr High/Elyria West High School school district, before our family was destroyed by being forced to leave it all frozen in time back there, and she was 4 yrs old (aka Shorty, Fat Yab, Fat Hands, Heavy Hands, Big Baby, Rollie Pollie). I can still feel the thub I'd get from one of her quadruple thick fat little hands if I kidded around for too long on this. I can still see her two big brown dinner plates looking up at me from way down at my waist.

Soh Xun Joshua


I am an 8 yr old child, and I like this song a lot!


Hong Kong





Mary E Mullins

Boaz, Alabama, US Virgin Islands

I use to sing this song is the First Church of God in Harvey, Illinois when I was a little girl and couldn't Whole Song because I'm teaching it to my great grandma baby.


I used to sing this song with my grandfather before church! Great childhood memory!


I loved this song growing up. From a child's memory, I thought it said, "...the angels in their chorus all day long, the flowers in the garden lend their hue..." so it's good to know what the words really are. Ha ha!


Michele Nesbitt

Kissimmee, Florida, United States

I am so glad to find this song. I have been teaching it for years but only knew the first line and end ,,,the birdies in the tree tops sing their songs the birdies in the tree tops all day long the birdies in the tree tops praise the Lord so why can't I why can't you praise Him too.. I never knew the other lines and I am thrilled to learn them. I learned the song at Bible to Youth camp in Union Town, PA . Uncle Davey the camp Director taught it to us. Praise the Lord! I love singing and teaching it.