I love Thee, Jesus

I love Thee, Jesus,
And Thy love to me
Draws me, ever to seek Thee
  And run after Thee,
Draws me, ever to seek Thee
  And run after Thee.
    Thou art beloved,
    Yea! Altogether lovely,
    The One in whom my heart delighteth.
Thy love, Lord Jesus,
Is sweeter than wine,
And Thy fragrance of ointments
  My heart doth entwine,
And Thy fragrance of ointments
  My heart doth entwine.
    A fount in gardens,
    A well of living waters,
    Which streams and flows from Lebanon’s mountains.
O come Beloved,
On my garden blow,
That the odor of spices
  May break forth and flow,
That the odor of spices
  May break forth and flow.
    My spouse, My sister,
    I’m come into My garden
    To feast upon wine, milk and honey.
Set me, Lord Jesus,
As seal on Thine heart;
Jealousy’s cruel as Sheol,
  And love’s strong as death,
Jealousy’s cruel as Sheol,
  And love’s strong as death.
    Much water cannot
    Quench love, nor do floods drown it.
    All man could give for love is contemned.
(Repeat the last three lines of each stanza)
Brother Lin

La Habra, CA, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! I LOVE YOU LORD! You are so sweet and attractive. Thank You Lord for Your unlimited love. Jesus my Lord.


Temple City, California, United States

Amen. Praise the Lord that we may have His divine life and we are mingled with His Spirit. Praise the Lord for His divine life infused into our being. Praise the Lord for such a divine romance. This song makes me fall in love with the Lord over and over again. Bless you saints. I am so deeply happy to hear such a beautiful song. Lord Jesus I love You!

Dominador Manlusoc

Quezon City, Philippines

Nothing but love can keep us in a proper relationship with the Lord.


Pandan, Catanduanes, Philippines

Our Lord Jesus is so lovely. Draw us oh Lord, we will run after You.



This hymn causes me to appreciate the Lord's love toward us as revealed in the Song of Songs. I am touched by the line, "O come Beloved, on my garden blow." As Christ's redeemed ones, we are being produced as an enclosed garden. This garden is something private, signifying our hidden and personal enjoyment and experiences of the Lord that is for Him alone. If we have such a relationship with the Lord, we will grow 'beds of spices' in the garden in our spirit, which is sweet and satisfying to His taste. Lord, thank You for Your love toward us. We desire to mature in life to be produced as Your Bride for Your satisfaction.


Tema, Ghana

Our God, our Saviour the Lord Jesus as our Beloved is the sweetest most enjoyable One who dwells in our spirit to make us His garden filled with His divine essence for ours and His enjoyment. This enjoyment taking place in the depth of our being is the enjoyment of God and is the best gift in all the universe. Amen.There is nothing in the universe that can ever be compared to our enjoyment of the Triune God in the depth of our being. Oh Lord Jesus keep us in this reality to enjoy You in our being all our days to consummate Your eternal heart's desire; The New Jerusalem, God's eternal abode with man. Oh our dear Lord Jesus we treasure You as the One worthy to indwell us in the center, Lord, of our being, our human spirit. Oh Lord Jesus how we love You. Amen.

Gigi Chang

Irvine, CA, United States

Amen! Draw me Lord Jesus! I want to become a crazy lover of You. Draw me; we run after You.

Reen Hwong

Miri, Malaysia

Amen! Continue to work in me, dearest Lord! And make me a crazy lover of Jesus Christ.

Elena Spinul



Steven Dong

Sydney, NSW, Australia

We love our Lord Jesus because He is altogether lovely. We love to enjoy Him! May the Lord draw again and again with His love that we may run after Him for His and our full satisfaction.