I love Thee, Jesus

I love Thee, Jesus,
And Thy love to me
Draws me, ever to seek Thee
  And run after Thee,
Draws me, ever to seek Thee
  And run after Thee.
    Thou art beloved,
    Yea! Altogether lovely,
    The One in whom my heart delighteth.
Thy love, Lord Jesus,
Is sweeter than wine,
And Thy fragrance of ointments
  My heart doth entwine,
And Thy fragrance of ointments
  My heart doth entwine.
    A fount in gardens,
    A well of living waters,
    Which streams and flows from Lebanon’s mountains.
O come Beloved,
On my garden blow,
That the odor of spices
  May break forth and flow,
That the odor of spices
  May break forth and flow.
    My spouse, My sister,
    I’m come into My garden
    To feast upon wine, milk and honey.
Set me, Lord Jesus,
As seal on Thine heart;
Jealousy’s cruel as Sheol,
  And love’s strong as death,
Jealousy’s cruel as Sheol,
  And love’s strong as death.
    Much water cannot
    Quench love, nor do floods drown it.
    All man could give for love is contemned.
(Repeat the last three lines of each stanza)
Don Popienko

Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

The Song of Songs is not only a beautiful song, it is an encouragement for us to prepare our hearts as the bride of Christ, to have our lamps trimmed, and our vessels filled with the oil. O Father, may I be ready, I do not wish to be a carcass in the wilderness thru unbelief. By the conclusion of this great song, the Shullamite has breasts as towers, as a Philly she has become two strong armies. Maturity. I know mixed metaphors but seekers will know what I am saying. Love to all.

LJ Ignacio

Baguio City, Benguet

Draws me ever to seek Thee.

Vincent Stephen Okoro

Lagos, Nigeria

Lord, I woke up this morning loving You like crazy! I want You to know that I really love You Lord!


Arcadia, CA, United States

Amen, praise The Lord!

John Gagno

Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

O Lord Jesus! Yes, Set us as seal on Thine heart! O you are the greatest enjoyment Lord!

Armand Tongo

Caloocan City, Philippines

O Lord, I really love Thee. Your love is sweeter and more enjoyable than any kind of enjoyment in the world. With Your love, I am satisfied.

Brother Lin

La Habra, CA, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! I LOVE YOU LORD! You are so sweet and attractive. Thank You Lord for Your unlimited love. Jesus my Lord.


Temple City, California, United States

Amen. Praise the Lord that we may have His divine life and we are mingled with His Spirit. Praise the Lord for His divine life infused into our being. Praise the Lord for such a divine romance. This song makes me fall in love with the Lord over and over again. Bless you saints. I am so deeply happy to hear such a beautiful song. Lord Jesus I love You!

Dominador Manlusoc

Quezon City, Philippines

Nothing but love can keep us in a proper relationship with the Lord.


Pandan, Catanduanes, Philippines

Our Lord Jesus is so lovely. Draw us oh Lord, we will run after You.