Let us eat Jesus every day

Let us eat Jesus every day,
Eating His flesh in such a way
That in the trials great or small
He as a Man will be our all.
  Eat, eat more of Jesus!
Eat, eat more of Jesus!
Why should we undernourished be
  When we have His humanity?
Let us drink Jesus till we see
That we are human, Jesusly!
Till rivers flood the barren ground
And quench the thirst of all around.
  Drink, drink more of Jesus!
Drink, drink more of Jesus!
Why should we ever thirsty be
  When we have His humanity?
We must eat Jesus till God can
Have the fulfillment of His plan—
One man expressed for all to see,
One church in each locality.
  We’ll masticate Jesus!
We’ll masticate Jesus!
Then to the tent of meeting bring
  Jesus, our real meal offering.

Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

Oh Jesus is so sweet

Why are we undernourished???

Saints let’s masticate Jesus


Antipas Vadje

Pepease, Eastern, Ghana

Hallelujah!!! Eating is the Way. Why should we undernourished be when we have His humanity. When we eat and are constituted with Him, we will become Humanly-Jesusly! Praise the Lord, Jesus is good for food!

Amen We Have God's Life

We are Jesusly human.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Oh Lord what a union , we are organically one with You and we eat You and drink You and live because of You.

Thank You that YOU made us eating vessels, we are able to eat You and become as You in life and nature, we are Your living organic members, we are joined to You, mingled with You, we are living, we are growing in You. Oh Lord how we thank You.

I love this hymn so much. It's very dear and precious, very simple but full of meaning, everything in God's economy depends on our eating of Christ. We are reconstituted by eating Christ. All we have to do is eat, digest and asimilate God. Oh LORD RECOVER OUR FUNCTION OF EATING YOU.

Alexandra Jones

Reno, Nevada, United States

We’ll masticate Jesus!!! We’ll digest Jesus!! We’ll assimilate Jesus!! We’ll be constituted with Jesus. We are the Body of Christ!!!

Kathy Beard

Boise, Idaho, United States

I just want to Amen what Andrea shared. Oh what a Christ we have! He's done everything for us to receive all that He is! We can enjoy Him by eating and drinking Him as the Life- Giving Spirit, supplying us moment by moment. We love You Lord Jesus!


Tacoma, WA, United States

We have His Humanity! We don't need to try and "imitate" Him because He's become our Meal Offering. My "feelings" are not trustworthy but I have One in me who IS accomplishing ALL that's in His heart concerning us! Oh Lord, open us to receive You as Food, drink You as Joy, breathe You as Fresh Air until Your uplifted Humanity brings us All the Way into Glory!

Karl K Reimer

Belmopan, Cayo, Belize

This song is to bring it to the tent meeting. The Lord's Table.

Sherill Gill

Bridgetown, West Indies, Barbados

The music to this sound is really inspiring,

We as saints of Christ need to really hunger and thirst more for Jesus till he comes.

The melody is so sweet, I will play it over and over. God Bless!

Gildete Magalhaes de Souza

Bahia, Brasil

Praise te Lord. Amen.

I really like this song. It is very rich and encourages me to eat and drink more of the Lord. My satisfaction is to eat and drink the Lord every day. I'm very hungry and thirsty. I thank the Lord for drawing me. My need is to chew on the Lord, to be constituted in me, that I will be useful and cooperate with Him in His move on this earth. Amen.