Hail, Thou once despised Jesus

Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!
  Hail, Thou still rejected King!
Thou didst suffer to release us,
  Thou didst free salvation bring;
Through Thy death and resurrection,
  Bearer of our sin and shame!
We enjoy divine protection,
  Life and glory through Thy name.
Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,
  All our sins on Thee were laid;
By our Father’s love anointed,
  Thou redemption’s price hast paid.
All who trust Thee are forgiven
  Through the virtue of Thy blood;
Opened are the things of heaven,
  Grace shines forth to man from God.
Savior, hail! enthroned in glory,
  Where for us Thou dost abide;
We, by faith, do now adore Thee,
  Seated at Thy Father’s side.
There, for us Thou now art pleading,
  There Thou dost our sorrows share,
Ever for us interceding,
  Till in glory we appear.
Worship, honor, praise, and blessing,
  Thou art worthy to receive;
Loudest praises, without ceasing,
  Meet it is for us to give.
In that day Thy saints will meet Thee,
  Welcome Thee with grateful song;
Joyful hearts will ever greet Thee,
  Source of joy to all the throng!
Ana Lara

United States

Join Bakewell - (Methodist)

This noble man was one of the earliest of Wesley’s “lay preachers”. He was born at Brailsford, Derbyshire, England in 1721.

When Bakewell was about 18 years old, he was deeply touched by a book he read and turned his thoughts to the Lord. By the time he was 23, he was preaching the gospel in his own neighborhood. Later he became associated with the Wesley’s and their work in London.

From 1749 he preached at the “Greenwich Royal Park Academy”. He not only preached the word but wrote several hymns as well. Bakewell was close friends with Wesley, Madan, Toplady and other servants of the Lord.

On his tombstone, in City Road Chapel ( buried near to John Wesley) appears the following inscription

“Sacred to the memory of JOHN BAKEWELL, late of Greenwich, who departed this life March 18, 1819, aged ninety-eight. He adorned the Doctrine of God, Our Savior, eighty years, and preached His glorious gospel about about 70 years.

“Hail Jesus enthroned in glory

There forever to abide;

All the heavenly hosts adore Thee,

Seated at Thy Father’s side;

Worship, honor, power, and blessing,

Thou art worthy to receive;

Loudest praises without ceasing,

Meet is for us to give. ”

This hymn was written in 1757.

The Little Flock Hymn Book

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Born in Derbyshire, England, Bakewell turned to the Lord at the age of 18 and became an ardent evangelist. He was aquainted with the Wesleys, Toplady, and other evangelical men. He eventually spent much of his time preaching at different places with the Wesleyans. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin