In God’s green pastures feeding

In God’s green pastures feeding by His cool waters lie;
Soft in the evening walk my Lord and I,
All the sheep of His pasture
Fare so wondrously fine; His sheep am I.
  Sisters: Waters cool,
Brothers: In the valley;
Sisters: Pastures green,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: In the evening
Brothers: In the evening
Everyone: Walk my Lord and I.
  Sisters: Dark the night,
Brothers: In the valley,
Sisters: Rough the way,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: Step by step...
Brothers: Step by step.
Everyone: My Lord and I.
Through the streets of the city in the darkness of the night,
Far from the fold, He heard my lonely cry.
Now I sit at His table in the palace of light;
His sheep am I.

Cherrydale, VA, United States

The manager at a station in Parkersburg let a troupe of us from summer camp sing into his can and I remember this song from that time (about 1963).


Canyon Country, CA, United States

I remember singing this song during the meetings of a Christian girls club equivalent to Girl Scouts called Pioneer Girls in the 60s…Such a lovely song of God’s ever present provision and grace… Wonderful imagery of the sheep and the shepherd in His pastures

Faith E.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas, United States

My sister and I learned this in church school morning worship services. It is a beloved song. For our beloved Father we still sing it at church special music and for any given moment to Praise God! I am so blessed to read all your stories here friends!

John Kupa

Port Moresby, Jiwaka, Papua New Guinea

Love this song sang it from 9th grade - 12. Fr. Peter Secondary School (Fatima).. Piano and guitar version both are really nice


Brighton, TN, United States

3rd verse:

Oh, do you know the Shepherd who has died for His sheep?

Know of His cleansing blood, His power to keep?

He's a wonderful Savior, and He loves you and me.

Are you his sheep?

Susanne B

Sioux Falls, SD, United States

I sang this song in 6th through 8th grade. This song brings back many fond and meaningful memories. After all these year I could only recalled part of the lyrics but I remembered the tune. I was ecstatic that I found the song. Over the last 45 years I have looked for the entire lyrics. My children have heard me speak of this song there entire life now I can share it with my children and grandchildren.


Warner Robins, GA, United States

I am 63 years old. My dad pastored, on Sunday nights the teens would go to a members house for fellowship, games and food. Being a PK I got to go. At the age of 9, I was riding in the Coopers station wagon with them and 6 teenagers to their house. We were singing this song when we crossed a RR track with a train coming. Mr & Mrs Cooper died, and the teenager in the very back were killed. As I’m going through my parents belongings I come across the newspaper articles. My mind immediately goes to this song. Soothing in the tragedy. Peaceful in the memories.


Westminster, MD, United States

My mom used to sing this when I was a little girl. One of my best memories of her, since her passing in 97. I cherish all that was good in her.


York, SC, United States

I learned this song originally in piano lessons. It was in The Sacred Music songbook. I later sang it at youth camp.

When I had children, I sang this nightly as a lullaby to them. And now I sing it as a lullaby to my great grandchildren.

Andy Mercer

Bedford, TX, United States

You can find this song in a song book called "Making Melody," published by Scripture Memory Fellowship, P. O. Box 550232, Dallas, TX 75355