In God’s green pastures feeding

In God’s green pastures feeding by His cool waters lie;
Soft in the evening walk my Lord and I,
All the sheep of His pasture
Fare so wondrously fine; His sheep am I.
  Sisters: Waters cool,
Brothers: In the valley;
Sisters: Pastures green,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: In the evening
Brothers: In the evening
Everyone: Walk my Lord and I.
  Sisters: Dark the night,
Brothers: In the valley,
Sisters: Rough the way,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: Step by step...
Brothers: Step by step.
Everyone: My Lord and I.
Through the streets of the city in the darkness of the night,
Far from the fold, He heard my lonely cry.
Now I sit at His table in the palace of light;
His sheep am I.
Jill I'Anson

Poatina, Tasmania, Australia

I was out walking this morning in our beautiful picturesque Christian Village called Poatina, tucked under the mountain range of the Western Teirs but in the other direction, gazing over the valleys. Like Eirween I thrilled to the site of the luscious green valleys, the glorious scenery and sheep & cattle grazing in the meadows - this song also came to mind many years ago when my dear deceased sister and I sang together. I came back & looked it up on the computer to refresh me with those beautiful words - thanks!


Jacksonville, FL, United States

The year was 1960. I was 15. I was at camp Sunnybrook in PA for a weekend retreat with my church in Endicott NY. A youth leader at the camp spoke about the importance of allowing Christ to be involved in our life decisions, and namely to chose who we will marry, - if we will marry. Although Jesus was my Savior, I did not know Him as the Lord of my life until that weekend. I gave Him my list of wants and told Him I wanted what He wanted for me more than what I wanted for me. I asked Him that day to pick my husband if He wanted me to marry. That was the weekend I met a tall lanky boy I had no interest in but who later became my husband. June 13, 2019 will mark 55 years together. I praise God that He is faithful to hear our prayers and to work the ingredients of our lives together for our good and His glory. Blessings.


Swansea, United Kingdom

Travelling on the Heart of Wales railway line this morning - through the gentle valleys, glorious scenery and sheep grazing in the meadows - the first half of this beautiful song came to mind from so many years ago. Thank you so much for this precious, gentle reminder of our Saviour’s love for us!



God is our Shepherd! He is our God! 😀😀Trust in Him!

Edna Walters

Kingston, Jamaica

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this song. For years I have been trying to find it (I must be in your parents age group as we sang it at our local Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meetings when I was an older teen and young adult.. Amazingly everyone I've sung it to over recent years never ever heard it before. So, I am now in the process of putting together a programme the Lord has laid on my heart and this song once more it came into my spirit. I thought I would check one more time to see if it was on line. I believe the Lord led me to do so as I have done so over the years and found nothing. Thank you. God bless you.


England, United Kingdom

Remembering my parents' favourite song! I heard this beautiful hymn when they sang duet in the Church! How I wish I can turn the time back so I can hear my mom and dad singing this song again. Tis music in my soul! God is good all the time.

Carolyn Hagenbaugh

Santa, Idaho, United States

Now that I have found the words again - where can I find the music? I also sang this at BMA camp - Miracle Camp - growing up in St. Louis and memorizing Scripture.

Judy Fossgreen

Eagle, ID, United States

This song was in my first gospel piano/vocal music book, The Best of Sacred Music. I was a new Christian and loved this song. It has brought me much comfort. This morning the Lord sang it over me (Zephaniah 3:17). I had to find it again and meditate on it. I will be singing it all day long today. Thank You, Jesus, for this precious sweet song!


L, Wy, United States

Carol: "Jesus died for sinful men - Amen! OPQRSTU - I believe God's Word is true. UVW - God has promised you - XYZ - A home eternally!" :)


St. Louis, MO, United States

As a child sang this and many others at BMA camp (Bible Memory Association) camp. Could not remember a few of the words. Senior moment. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

ps: does anyone know the lyrics to the ABC song? It starts off ABCDEFG.. Jesus died for you and me HIJKLMN ........ Thank you in advance