Watch, for the night is ending

Watch, for the night is ending!
  Watch, and the world not seek;
Watch, for the day is dawning!
  Watch, sink not in sleep.
Watch, for the Lord is coming!
  Watch for the foe's attack:
Watch, for the Lord is waiting!
  Watch, be never slack.
Watch, and arise in service!
  Watch, though the day be drear;
Watch, and go forth to labor!
  Watch, the end is near.
Watch and put on thy armor!
  Watch with thy spirit strong;
Watch to resist the devil!
  Watch, Christ comes ere long.
Watch for the Savior's coming!
  Watch for the Morning Star;
Watch and pursue the Kingdom!
  Watch with many a scar.
Watch, and be ever watchful!
  Watch, till the night is done;
Watch till the dawn of glory!
  Watch till the Lord shall come.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Anthony Mario Denuccio II

Burlington, Vermont, United States

If ever a time to be on watch ? Let us who have ears and hearts to hear ? Keep falling in love with our majestic Groom Jesus. He is ready to marry His radiant bride. Praise praise praise !!! Cling to the Cross — sit at those fragrant pierc’ed feet and fall down before His braided crown of thorns.


Baton Rouge, LA, United States

We love You Lord, keep us watching, loving You.

Maria Levi

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Watch, for the night is ending, seek not the world;

The day is dawning, sink not in sleep.

Watch, for our Lord is coming and the foe is attacking;

Oh our Lord is waiting, we must never slack.

Watch for our Savior is coming, as the Morning Star;

We must pursue the Kingdom!

Watch, and be ever watchful, until the night is done;

Oh until the dawn of glory, until our Lord shall come.


Great song

Chosen me

Amen... how we need to be watchful....... being in the mingled spirit is the only way we can resist Satan's strategy...

Jul Erving

Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Hallelujah, Christ will come again to reward those who faithful to Him. And will reign with Him for the coming millennial kingdom for a thousand years as co-kings.