This is the time for building the temple of the Lord

This is the time for building the temple of the Lord
That all the local churches may fully be restored.
'Tis not the time for our house while God's house lieth waste—
O brothers, for God's building, rise up, make haste!
  Be strong, be strong, God's dwelling place to build!
The Lord of hosts is with us, with His glory 'twill be filled!
Be strong, be strong, and work in one accord,
  That all the nations may behold the temple of the Lord.
O hear, the Lord is speaking: Consider now your ways,
Ye sow and bring in little, for lacking is My praise.
Go up into the mountain, material to provide,
And build My house that I may be glorified.
Ye who are priests, ye remnant of Christians now obey—
The Lord Himself is with us, whatever men may say,
With spirits stirred and burning, now let us come to work;
May none his part with others in building shirk.
I'll fill this house with glory, the Lord of hosts has said,
And the desire of nations will be exhibited.
Its glory will be greater than all that's gone before,
And we will share this glory forevermore.
Thomas Theimer

Jackson, MS, United States

Be Strong, Be strong and work in one accord ☝️!!!

Isaac Simiyu

Webuye, Bungoma, Kenya

So touching and inspirational uni

Nathan Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, United States

For all Young Ones to be built from God's speaking, through us, into New Ones, who really, what is the surpassing richness of His revelation, they are the ones is seeking for God's word and hungry and thirsty of His word, not just main doctrines, but in God's word, is plain and simple, the more we build God's speaking into New Ones, the more, New Ones, will be wanting more of God's unique word, into them, this is a crucial Vital Factors, for all of us. And for New Ones, to be saved from the snares of Satan's darts, into grace of God. Much more, we all be saved grace, for timely help, even for New people, seeking and being hungry more of God's word It's Amen the law of life.

Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

We are covering Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai and church. We sung this song. It expresses Haggai's message well.

We changed line 2 of the first stanza to:

That the house of God on earth may fully be restored.


Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Be strong in the Lord...:)

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