The Church's seed is nought but Christ Himself

The Church's seed is nought but Christ Himself
Sown into human hearts as life, thereby
Growing as wheat, producing flour fine
For bread both God and man to satisfy.
But Satan hath the false believers sown
Among the saints as tares among the wheat,
To bring confusion and to hinder growth
That they may not fulfill God's plan complete.
The Church's life just as the herb must be,
Grown out of Christ, who is the mustard seed;
Hidden and transient, little on the earth,
But good for food the hungry ones to feed.
But Satan came and made the little herb
To change its nature and to change its form,
That fully grown it did a tree become
Where many evil ones may lodge and swarm.
Satan has also used the fallen "church"
Evil and heathen practice to include,
As leaven mingled with the meal of wheat,
Thus to corrupt its purity as food.
But Christ as life would so transform the saints
That they may be as pearl and precious stone,
As the materials suitable to build
Into His Church to make His Kingdom known.
Such an assembly grown in Christ as life,
Transformed and built with Christ in them annealed,
Is as the goodly pearl for preciousness
And as the treasure hidden in the field.
Lord, separate us from the devil's "tares,"
Each one deliver from the monstrous "tree,"
From all the "leaven" may Thou purify,
That we may be as food to man and Thee.
Cause us to grow in life divine each day
That we may be transformed and built by Thee
Into a body to express Thyself,
That Thou in us Thy Church and Kingdom see.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

refreshing song.