As the body is the fulness


Rochester, MN, United States

Thus the church and Christ together,

God’s great mystery,

Is the mingling of the Godhead

With humanity.

Hallelujah..!!! Amen Amen

Te Franks

Bellingham, WA, United States

What a glorious hymn conveying the truth of living Christ, who is the mystery of God (Col. 2:2), through the members of His Body, the church as the mystery of Christ (Eph. 3:4), and manifesting God's likeness through people on this earth which is the mystery of Godliness (1Tim. 3:16)! What a wonder! Obviously, the author of this hymn experienced the reality of living Christ and I am so grateful he was led by the Spirit to compose this hymn and pass it on to us. Thanks Lord


London, United Kingdom

What a glorious hymn leading my spirit to soar! What a reality! What a prayer. The mystery of Christ is the church! You delight in us as Your expression and expansion. Oh what a mystery, and we are part of it. May we express your Godliness, may we bear fruit for you Lord.

Roger Lewis

United States

Enjoyed this hymn (819) along with HWMR ITERO Week 9: The Status of the Church—the Counterpart of Christ.

Blue Jammy

Taichung, Taiwan

I am very joyful!